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Discussion: Why I Love Naruto's Storyline

Squad 7 in action (Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke)

So, I don't know how to quite put this--actually, scratch that, I know exactly how to say this. Since January 2017, I have been relentlessly and religiously watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, and let's just say I'm low-key obsessed. Okay, now I know there are going to be some of you who are rolling their eyes or shaking their head at his point. Hear me out for a second, and let me explain to you why this isn't some dumb cartoon/kid show. It's honestly fantastic.

I've kind of had a weird relationship with Anime in my lifetime. When I was about 12-15 I was very much into Anime and didn't try to hide that fact. I watched shows like Samurai Champloo, Yu-gi-oh, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, The Boondocks, (a tiny bit of One Piece before I gave up), and Girls Bravo

Then I got further into high school and started to drift away from my affinity of anime and started to develop a huge obsession with traditional live action televisions shows instead.

Recently, I've fallen into a slump where some of the TV shows I used to love, have now started to lose my interest. My reasons for starting Naruto so late in the game is simple. I've been substitute teaching at different schools and in one of the classes I was teaching, I overheard a couple of 5th-grade boys talking about various characters from Naruto. I couldn't help but eavesdrop and listen in to their conversation as they discussed characters, story arcs, and other variables. 

Just from listening to their conversation, the first thought I had was, "Wait, Naruto is still on the air?" For those of you that don't know, Naruto started in the early 2000s. It only ended this March, how crazy is that? Anyway, after that, I went home, did some research and found that I could watch all of Naruto proper on Netflix. After all, I had to find out if this show was as good as people claimed it was.

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto 2002.

Now, you must realize when Naruto first hit the air back in 2002, I was about ten. I remember seeing the pilot for the show on Toonami or Adult Swim (I can't remember exactly where it aired), and being a little bit intrigued, but ultimately I watched a couple of episodes and then it lost my interest. So when I began to rewatch it this year, now at age 25, I was like, "Oh, yeah, I remember this," and "Oh, I remember Naruto's sexy Jutsu!" 

So, I started watching and by the first couple of episodes, I was like, I don't know if I can continue listening to Naruto repeatedly say, "Believe it!" every episode, but there was something that kept me determined to push through and continue watching anyway.

Team Seven (From left to right: Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto)

I thought only a couple of days had gone by, but I look at the calendar and it's February now, and I'm 4 seasons in and realizing I'm constantly thinking of Naruto when I'm not watching. It got to the point where even at work, I'd catch myself thinking, "I wonder how Team seven is going to get out of this bind," or, "I wonder if Naruto's team will pass the Chunin exams?" That's when I knew that I was simply addicted. 

I've never felt more relatable.

But enough about my addiction, for those of you who are apart of the Naruto fandom, this is not bizarre to you in the slightest. In fact, you're probably thinking, "Where the hell have you been all this time??" For those of you who have no idea what a Naruto is, or what this show is about, let me give you an easy breakdown of what the show is about, and point out its strongest points which have kept me hooked!


• Set in feudal Japan, Naruto tells the story about an orphaned boy in a fictional town called Konohagkure, (Konoha for short.) Since he was a young boy, Naruto has been shunned by the people of Konoha all his life for reasons he can't understand. Because of the ostracization, Naruto has become determined to be acknowledged and loved by the people of his village by becoming Hokage (The leader and strongest ninja in the village.) Through Naruto's journey of becoming a Shinobi, Naruto learns about why the village eschewed him and finds a limitless power hidden within him all while facing new adversaries that threaten his friends and village.

Konohagkure also known as The Hidden Leaf Village

That's a pretty basic synopsis but hopefully, it has caught your interest. Some of you may think it sounds dumb, but all I'll say is, never judge a book by it's cover. Give it a chance!

1. The Cast (Characters):
Yes, this is how big the cast is.

Like many Animes, Naruto has a HUGE cast of characters, but one thing the show has done an incredible job of is fleshing out its characters and getting its audience to be completely engrossed in their backstories, and feeling empathetic for them! There is nothing I love more than having stories where I literally worry for the safety of its characters and actually feel as if these characters exist! I can't tell you how many times I've teared up or downright balled while watching Naruto. This is something I've talked about with other fans of the show who can eagerly concur.

I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about pretty much all of the characters, even the villains! I have to give props to Kishimoto for this. I've found myself to hate certain antagonists in the beginning, but then really empathizing with them in the end. That's also another thing I really like, the antagonists have really clear motives, but they never turn out to be cheesy or ludicrous. 

Me, so many times while watching Naruto Shippuden.

I've talked to plenty of people of all ages about Naruto's sad moments, and everyone has confessed to getting misty-eyed or having to actually mourn for characters and take a hiatus from watching the show to recover. I know it sounds crazy, but you truly do care for these characters and it's rare to find that on television nowadays.

For example, I linked a Youtube video down below. This was a perfect example of how emotional it can get:

~Naruto Meets His Mother for the First Time~
I can't tell you how many times I've watched this and teared up every time.

2. The Storyline

Naruto's storyline starts off pretty straightforward. It's a linear story with subplots that intertwine with the main storyline but are great in fleshing out B & C characters. Oh, and yes, like many Animes, it is guilty of having it's many filler episodes which can be quite frustrating. Other than the filler episodes, I've enjoyed seeing Naruto's plot go from seemingly easy to follow, to suddenly diverting and becoming more complicated and complex.

"Believe it!" - Naruto Uzumaki

Having a relatable and an inspiring character like Naruto also really helps drive the story forward. As I said earlier, I wasn't always a fan of Naruto in the beginning. In fact, I found him to be quite irritating in the first couple of episodes of season one. He was bratty and irksome, but once you understand why he acted like that way, I definitely came around to rooting for him, and even surprisingly, relating to him. Naruto is a well-written underdog character that many people can relate to. 

Being orphaned and having no idea whom his parents were, Naruto purposely acts out in a ludicrous manner to gain attention, even if it's negative. Naruto is not the brightest kid in the world, in fact, he's quite headstrong, stubborn, and not really great at anything in the beginning, but because of his determination and hard work he ends up becoming one of the strongest shinobi in his village and eventually gains recognition and appreciation from the Hidden Leaf. 

3. The Music.

Naruto's soundtrack is epic. I have an entire two-hour playlist dedicated to some of the amazing songs they have in this show. You may have never considered to ever listen to any J-Pop (Japanese Pop) or J-Rock (Japanese Rock), but as the young kids say, this music is lit! Not only is the music amazing, but it comes with awesome openings and ending credit animation. 

If you're curious about what the music sounds like, I'll give you a few samples below:

How can you not find yourself jamming to these awesome opening credits? Animes always go above and beyond for their opening credits to their shows, and I absolutely adore Naruto Shippuden's.

I could honestly go on and on, but I don't want this to be TL;DR. (Too long; Didn't read.) If you've never watched anime before, I'd recommend you watch at least five episodes to decide if it's for you or not. It is such great show and I can't praise it enough. When Naruto Shippuden finished in March, I felt like a piece of me had died, luckily, now I have Boruto: Naruto Next Generation to look forward to!

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How Did I Learn to Cook?: My Top 3 Youtube Cooking Channels

Source: Google

Ever since I've started cooking, I've gotten a lot of questions like, "Where did you learn to cook?" or "Is this your own recipe?" My answer at times surprises people, but it's simple. I learned using Youtube. When I went away to college at 18, I literally did not know how to cook anything other than scrambled eggs and grilled cheese. Now, at twenty-five, I can cook desserts, full four-course meals and much more! I didn't go to school to learn how to cook, and I didn't even have any family member teach me. I learned all by watching cooking tutorials on Youtube and practicing. 

When I was out on my own, I turned to the Internet for assistance and basically watched a bunch of tutorials on "How to cook ___" and learned from there. Not all tutorials on Youtube are made the same, though. Some people make learning a lot easier, and luckily, I've found a few Youtubers that do just that. That's why I've decided to compile a list of my top 3 Youtube Chefs/Cooks/Channels and list some of their videos I've enjoyed using in the past. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. These are legitimately my favorite channels that I've been watching for years and I hope you check them out because these ladies are incredible.

1. Laura Vitale
Source: MrsVitale/

Laura Vitale (Laura in the Kitchen) was the first cooking Youtube channel I turned to for cooking lessons when I wanted to learn. By far, she has the easiest tutorials on how to cook all different types of cuisine. Laura is very laid back, funny, relatable foodie, and super fun to watch. I've tried countless recipes and all have been amazing! If you're a fan of authentic Italian cuisine, definitely check out her videos, since she has over 1000 recipes all with step by step tutorials.

One of her recipes that gets a lot of hype and excitement is her Pavlova recipe. I make this Pavlova a few times a year, and most of the time, the people who have never tried it go, "Pavlova? What's Pavlova?" Then they actually try it and fall in love and beg me for the recipe. Pavlova can be quite tricky to make, but thanks to Laura, I've become a master at making it. Here's her video for how to make Pavlova:

Source: Laura in the Kitchen/Youtube

Source: Laura in the Kitchen/Youtube

2. Entertaining with Beth
Source: Entertaining with Beth/Youtube

Where do I start with Beth? Well, first of all, her videos are absolutely stunning! They're beautiful, breathtaking, and super professional. Beth will teach you how to make super complicated recipes but make them super easy for the novice cooks out there. Whenever I've watched Beth's tutorials, I've always gotten this Martha Stewart-esque vibe with her soothing voice teaching you along the way. 

If you're really into authentic French cuisine, then Beth's channel is the perfect place for you. She will teach you how to prepare the meal, along with an awesome game plan to make sure everything goes down flawlessly for your parties.

Source: Everybody Hates Chris/The CW

One Easter, I really wanted to make a Quiche, but I had no idea how to make one. Luckily, that year, Beth just so happened to post a video on how to make a fool-proof Quiche. I watched the video and made the Quiche as I watched the tutorial and it was a big hit. This is another one of the recipes people ask me for whenever I whip up this tasty Quiche.

Source: Entertaining with Beth/Youtube

Another thing I love about Beth is her Holiday Helpers series. In these videos, she will help new and intermediate hosts/hostesses' prepare extravagant meals. Her best Holiday Helper video has to be her Thanksgiving's Dinner for Rookie's. In that video, Beth plans out a menu, cooking times, how to set the table and give you tips and tricks for how to host the best Thanksgivings if it's your first time. I'll link the video down below if you want to check it out: 

Source: Kin Community/Youtube

3. Fifteen Spatulas
Source: Fifteen Spatulas/Youtube

Joanne is a newer cooking Channel I've stumbled across, but my God, her recipes are fantastic. Joanne gives off a very homey/comforting feeling when you watch her videos. She's soft and her gentle nature emanates through the computer screen. She really teaches and emphasizes that making food from scratch, really isn't that difficult. 

Source: FOX/Simpsons

This Thanksgiving, I made home-made stuffed Mushrooms that were a hit in my family. I've tried a couple of her other recipes and they are all delicious. I'll link that recipe down below: 

Source: Fifteen Spatulas/Youtube

Source: Fifteen Spatulas/Youtube

And that's about it! I hope this blog helped you out if you're interested in learning to cook. If you're already a pretty good cook, then I hope you'll check out some of these channels, since they might have some recipes that may peak your interest. I always recommend watching the video first, then once you have all the ingredients, having your laptop/iPad nearby to play the video and cook along. It makes a huge difference in my opinion. 

- Emily

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#BB18: All Stars or Fans VS Favorites?

(Julie Chen; source CBS)

It's summer time and you know what that means... Everyone's favorite hit CBS reality TV show, Big Brother, is just around the corner. We're only eight days away from seeing the BB18 cast reveal, planned to release June 13th! Speculation has buzzed among Big Brother fans over social media, as fans theorize on what kind of season we'll be graced with this summer. It has been ten years since the last season of Big Brother All Stars (season 7) and many fans believe we are long overdue for another one.

 (from left to right; runner-up Erika Landin, winner Mike 'Boogie' Malin, and host Julie Chen; source CBS)

Other fans have postulated that this season will be more of a Fans Vs Favorites, where only half of the cast will be returnees. At this point, based on the rumors and possible Big Brother leaks, this season will be either a complete All Star cast or half newbies and half returnees. 

Last year, ET sat down with Julie Chen to discuss the possibility of another All Stars season, where the Big Brother host confirmed that she too had been pushing for another season with an All Star cast.

"I have been actually pushing for an All Star season in that it's beyond 'all star,'" Chen teased. 'It's the cream of the crop. It's the winner from each season to compete. So, it's the 'Winner's Circle.' And I'm talking back to season one, Eddie [McGee]. I mean all the way back!" - Julie Chen during ET interview.

Big Brother Canada season three alum, Jordan Parhar and his live feeder co-hosts, Alex Kidwell, Brent Wolgamott, and Taran Armstrong recently held a RHAP podcast where they dicussed who they thought would possibly be asked back for an All Star season. You can listen or watch it, here.

Photo leaks of the newly revamped Big Brother house, have already flooded the Internet this past week. Fans and other Big Brother Alum have already given their input to what they think of the new design. 

(source; Twitter)

(source; Twitter)

Apparently, the house has some sort of International/Travel theme, which is quite interesting considering the fact, that this past season of Big Brother Canada had the International Wildcard twist that did wonders for the season.

(source; Global TV)

So what do you think, Big Brother fans? Are you excited for this upcoming season? Are you pumped to see the cast reveal? Will it be another All Stars season? Leave your comments below and expect the unexpected!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

R.I.P David Gest

David Gest at the Celebrity Big Brother launch night

Music Producer and Celebrity Big Brother contestant David Gest (62) was announced dead late Tuesday afternoon in London, England. David Gest had appeared in the winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother where he competed for the crown against other celebrity houseguests. David was entertaining and happened to be in the house with Angie Bowie when her ex-husband David Bowie died.

Tiffany Pollard mistakenly believes David Gest is dead:
"David is dead"- Celebrity Big Brother

A comedy-of-errors occurred when another house guest Tiffany Pollard mistakenly believed that David Gest had died after Angie had told her, "David is dead," after Big Brother producers told her in the diary room of her ex-husband's passing. This mistake caused a huge uproar and confusion within the house, bringing entertainment to audiences, but now David Gest really is dead, and he will be greatly missed.

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How to Get Experience On Your Resume After Graduation: My Take

So, you just finished college and now it's time to venture out into the big, bad, world of adulthood. Time to finally get a job in the field of study that you graduated in, huh? As someone who graduated last September and had all the questions of "How am I going to do this?" on their mind, I'll give you my tips and tricks and honest opinions on how I got to where I am today.

In September of 2014, I graduated Salutatorian with a B.F.A in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. I knew what I wanted to do with my life by writing for TV, but I was also realistic and knew that I wouldn't just be able to apply for a staff writer's job for any show and get hired. No. I knew I'd have to work my way up from the bottom, but first I needed to acquire some experience to put on my resume to work my way up the ladder to my dream job.

First thing's first. Because the college I attended was located in Orlando, FL, I realized that in order to make my dream job of writing for TV a possibility, I would need to move to L.A where most of the TV writing is done. Yes, I realize New York does have some writers rooms but compared to Los Angeles, there was no doubt that California was the best choice. Besides, if you think L.A is expensive just try looking for apartments in New York. Yikes! 

Some great advice I had coming up to the months of graduation was, "Have at least six months worth of rent saved up before moving out to L.A." One of my professors gave me this advice and I honestly don't know if I'd still be out here if I hadn't taken it. Now, I've known quite a few people here that have moved out on pretty much a whim. They wanted to get out here and didn't realize that you won't get a job the instance you hit the tar mat. Getting jobs in this industry is surprisingly difficult. Luckily for me, I had some money saved up before I moved out here in January of 2015. After I graduated in September, I had been applying to internships/entry level jobs and had been getting nowhere. Most of the jobs I was applying to were ones located out here in L.A, but none of them wanted to hire me because I was not currently living there.

During the first few months post graduation, I was discouraged and I thought it was hopeless. There was a point where I thought, "If they don't want to hire me here, why would they want to hire me once I got out to L.A? So, I got more advice from an old professor that encouraged me that once I moved out to LA and obtained an L.A address, the job interviews should start pouring in. You must realize that I did get quite a few Skype/Phone interviews from L.A while I was living back in Miami, but the moment they realized I wasn't local it was pretty much, "Sorry, but thanks anyway!"

Then January 1st rolled up and I moved out to L.A with everything I could take. Luckily, I found an apartment nestled between a lot of the larger and more well-known studios. Then I continued my online search for internships/entry level jobs. One thing I didn't realize was that a lot of entry-level jobs consist of at least 1-2 years experience. Yes, that's right, an entry level job requires possibly 2 years of experience! How does one get that experience when they've only just recently graduated? Yup, that's right. Unpaid internships.

So my first unpaid internship was working as a production assistant for The Dr. Phil Show. Ooh, sounds glamourous, right? No. As someone who was familiar with and had watched plenty of Dr. Phil episodes in the past, this was pretty exciting at first. Not only was it a credible internship to list on my resume, but I also was able to get really great hands on experience, but, there was a downside to this internship. Although I did learn plenty about pre and post production and what goes into creating an episode for daytime TV, a large part of my experience was getting a taste of the negative side of the industry. Dr. Phil produces two episodes a day and it takes a whole production team one week to produce all the content for the episode. This often causes a high-stress level within the work office. Even though there were some, ahem, low points during my internship I don't regret it, because at the end of the day I did learn and I got worthy experience for my resume.

~My Tips & Advice~

1. Save Money!

• Don't be an idiot and fly out to L.A on a whim, then wonder why you're flying back home in the next few months after you were unable to get a job. I've known plenty of idealistic people to make this mistake. I've had people claim, "Oh, well, I'll just apply for a writer's assistant job and then I'll work my way up!"

Or: "I'll just apply to one of the paid internships and get in no problem!"

Haha, right...
Source: NBC/Giphy

First of all, writer's assistant jobs are not posted online. Most of those jobs are by word of mouth. So maybe a friend of yours is a staffed writer on a TV show and someone in that room, possibly a PA has just been upped to Writer's assistant. Now they need a new Writer's PA. If your friend really likes you, which you better hope they do, you'd probably be the first one on their list they'd ask for the position.

Secondly, I think it's pretty easy to say that everyone and their brother wants to have one of the positions for the limited and luxurious paid internships. I've known plenty of people who are very talented and have applied numerous times and still haven't gotten accepted. Who are you to say you're going to get in the first time? Be realistic here... You cannot solely rely on that when moving out here. More than likely you'll work a crappy job at Ralphs and do an unpaid internship on the side to survive out here. 

2. Use Entertainment Job Posting Websites:

Here are some of the websites I've used and have managed to get ALL of my internships through. Entertainment is by the far the best, though:

• (Pay for the Subscription. It's worth it.)


3. Be Persistent:

• Don't give up. Once you've moved out here and have an L.A address, apply daily. When I first got out here I applied to unpaid internships/entry level jobs every single day. I'd apply to at least 30 postings a day if that helps clarify how often I was searching. After three weeks, I managed to snag the Dr. Phil internship and was set.

• It's easy to get down on yourself and lose optimism when you don't get responses right away. Make sure you always write a cover letter when sending in your resume. You'd be surprised how many people ignore that step when applying. It does make a difference, trust me.

• Make sure each cover letter is crafted towards the job you wanted. Don't simply copy and paste the same response to every job posting. It can be very apparent and that tends to turn off potential employers. 

4. Don't be, "That guy.":

• When I say don't be "That guy," what I mean is don't act like you are too superior to work more than one unpaid internship. Everyone has to pay their dues and those that think they should be handed a paying job right out of college are idiots if you ask me. Unless you know some big shot that's connected to something in Hollywood, good luck getting a good paying job. More than likely you are going to be paid around $10-$12 an hour.

• This note also goes out to the numerous arrogant aspiring film & TV writers I've had the pleasure to stumble across that say, "Unpaid?" *Scoff* "I'm not doing work for free!"

• Well, while you're potentially working for free in an Entertainment based internship, they're not rubbing elbows and making relationships with literary managers and agents, maybe even producers if you're lucky. They're not the ones making relationships with other writers. Another tip would be if at all possible, keep these people out of your lives. No one wants to work with the sanctimonious asshole. I know I don't...

5. Be humble:
Source: Disney/Giphy

• Staying close to tip #4, try to be humble. If you think you're the best writer since J.K Rowling, you're probably not. Take your head out of your ass and join the rest of us back down on planet Earth. I cannot tell you how many times I've run across people who tell me that I will just 'love' their work and fall in love with it the moment my eyes lay upon it.

You don't know me...
Source: Netflix/Giphy

6. Keep Writing, Reading & Watching:
Source: Warner Bros/Giphy

• No matter what, don't stop writing. Even if you're not working on your latest TV pilot or feature, writing something is better than not writing at all. I like to write blog posts from time to time, mostly doing recaps of scripted/reality TV. Even if it's not pertaining to my own writing, breaking down and doing coverage for TV is still good to think about constantly. 

• Keep up with TV/Film news and make sure you know what's currently trending.

7. Apply, Apply, Apply!

Apply to all those writer workshops that start to pop up around Spring time. There's no hurt in trying. I mean, what's the worse they can do, reject you? Either way, you'll have a nice Spec/TV pilot to add to your portfolio, and hey, it got you writing!

I did this last year and wrote a spec for Reign on TheCW and applied to the Warner Bros workshop and the Latina workshop.

Writer's Workshops I'd Recommend Applying To:
• WB Writing Workshop:
• Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship:
• ABC Writing Fellowship:

So yeah, that's all the advice I can give to anyone who is thinking about moving here to go into a career in the Entertainment business. Feel free to take or leave my advice. I'm not claiming that this will work for you, but this is what worked for me. 

Here's some feedback I got from friends and professionals about internships. Here's one I got from Brad Hal, president and founder of Entertainment He saw that I had gotten maybe successful internships off his website and reached out to me for feedback on his site. I told him that I was happy with his website, but I was also frustrated at the time that I hadn't gotten a paying job. This is what he said.

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Vixen Episode 3: Review & Recap

Source: TheCW

Vixen episode 3 picks up directly after where we left off. Mari is now back home to explain to her foster father about the magical element that comes with her totem necklace, but he isn't sure he totally buys her theory. With nothing else left to lose Mari demonstrates her necklace's magic and taps into the strength of an Elephant to lift the kitchen table with one hand. 

Source: TheCW

She convinces him enough by demonstrating other powers like walking up walls and she almost attempts to tap into flight but does not trust herself enough yet to dive off a building. Her foster father is still worried that she'll get herself in trouble by exposing the necklace's power. Mari, on the other hand, is convinced that this item will help bring unanswered questions she's been longing to find about her family history.

Source: TheCW

Meanwhile at S.T.A.R Labs, Cisco is busy trying to get Barry's attention as he zips around the lab, after their computer system located another meta human. Cisco wants Barry to go in search of her so they can learn more about her powers. 

Also sidenote, is it just me, but how is it possible that they can make Grant Gustin look even more attractive as a cartoon? Anyway, Barry agrees to check out this new meta human that Cisco has already named Vixen, but Barry decides he needs some help to check this girl out. Cisco is ecstatic, he's been meaning to get back out on the field but before he can run off with the friendly speedster, Barry has already left him in the dust for another suitable option. Poor, Cisco.

Source: TheCW

Back in Detroit, there's a knock on the door and guess who came to visit Mari? It's none other than Oliver and Barry cleverly disguised as their superhero counterparts Green Arrow and The Flash. (I wish Barry and Oliver would show up on my door) Mari becomes nervous as they ask for her and ends up fleeing from the house. Both Oliver and Barry quickly pursue after her and the episode ends.

Source: TheCW

Augh, again, I just wish these episodes were longer. I really love them and I'm only interested to learn more about Mari! I've really been enjoying these episodes, but I almost wish I had waited for all six episodes to come out so I could have just binged watched as six as one giant episode. What do you guys think? Are you enjoying it?

If you want to watche the episode you can watch it here:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Forever Flawless Cosmetics: My Horrible Experience

Did a video explaining my experience. Give it a watch.

More reviews with similar stories: