Friday, August 22, 2014

Big Brother: Eviction Night and Nicole back in the house!

Last night Zack was evicted from the house, and the detonators are still in control of the game. Donny has been the next target for weeks but because of his competition wins it has kept him from sitting on the block. Derrick, Frankie and Cody were determined that they would get Donny out of the house this week. 

Luckily enough though Nicole re-entered the house! Derrick and the detonators quickly went into the fire room and were determined to win the HOH. Derrick said that despite anything they had to stick together and put both Donny and Nicole on the block and get Donny out of the house this week.

I was praying to the Big Brother Gods that hopefully Donny or Nicole could win HOH and flip this freaking house already! I would love to see Derrick and Frankie sit next to each other on the block.

Of course the detonators have to go personal with their attacks and talk very maliciously about both Donny and Nicole. I actually had to turn of the feeds last night because it made me feel really uncomfortable. Frankie is very malicious with some of his comments along with Christine and Donny. The only people in the house I actually like are Donny and Nicole.

I get that it is a game, but going for personal attacks is not cool. You can talk about how someone's gameplay sucks but not about how you want to bash their teeth in or slap them. :/

I woke up this morning and found out that apparently Cody won HOH, and we can all guess who he's going to put on the block, there will be no surprise there...ugh. Cody could make a really big move and put Frankie and Derrick on the block, but he won't because he's an idiot.

So unless Donny or Nicole win POV one of them is going home this week. Come on production throw us a Coup D' Etat please? You promised us this would be one of the most twisted summers yet, and it has yet to be twisted. It's been predictable and we've seen one side control the house pretty much all summer. It's getting boring, make something interesting happen.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Celebrity Big Brother: Day Three

It's day three in the house and it's no surprise that Big Brother has already gotten the celebs to do some interesting tasks for their shopping budget. Leslie and Kellie were deemed the hollywood "agents" and had to guide their fellow celebs into doing promotional tasks to earn money for food.

Task 1:

Stephanie and Gary had to promote a toothpaste that claims to make even the most disgusting tasting food, taste delicious. Little did they know that the toothpaste was flavored wasabi! They then had to prove to their audience that the toothpaste worked by sampling some of the most disgusting tasting foods. (Vinegar, jellied eels, extra hot curry, and fishy milkshake)

Gary and Stephanie did their best to maintain their sincere smile while downing the vomit inducing food items. On the other side of the house, the housemates laughed as they watched their fellow celebs endure the grueling task at hand.

By the end of the task Leslie and Kellie declared that Stephanie was the most believable in her promotion.

Later that day Leslie went to the diary room, where he complained about his bed mate Frenchy, and her nighty rituals. 

Apparently Frenchy is very adamant about putting on essential oils, lotions, creams and facials to keep up her good looks. Leslie complained about the greasiness and various scents that loom around him when he tries to sleep. He's complained that he hasn't gotten a good night's rest since he arrived. It kind of reminds me of Jim from last season. It seems like it's very hard to get sleep in the Big Brother house when you're an older character in the house.

The second part of the task was trying to find a celebrity to become the new face of a celebrity charity. Leslie and Kellie chose Ricci and Lauren to try and win them over. Ricci and Lauren had to stand in front of a podium and read off a teleprompter while trying to sell their pitch of why they should be the new face of the charity.

What Ricci and Lauren didn't know is that what had been written for them they'd have to read word by word even if they didn't agree with it. By the end of the task Leslie and Kellie decided that Lauren won them over with her winning acting.

Later that day Gary got in another row with James, and David over how to "converse."

I have to agree with David and James that sometimes Gary can come across as very rude with how he words things, or by the tone of his voice. His joke about being fucked in the ass to James I did not find funny, and I didn't even find it to be a joke. This time Gary snapped at David saying, "What, I can't understand you, you talk too fast," while he snapped his fingers. Who does this and thinks it's polite?

David was quick to say, "Don't point your fingers at me!" James quickly stepped in as the mediator and told Gary calmly that sometimes he comes across rude with his actions. Gary said that in America that does not come across rude. James told Gary that this is not America though, you need to be respectful.

A lot of people in the house have had their feathers ruffled by Gary and I don't blame them. He has a hard time hearing, which I know isn't it fault, but it can be infuriating having to repeat yourself seven times! Gary's sense of humor comes across very rude in my opinion.

The third part of the task was to find the best action hero.
David and Audley auditioned for their battle cries, lines, and poses.

I enjoyed this task like the others because I like to see the housemates have fun. Leslie enjoyed himself a little bit too much when getting an up close and personal look at his models.

Later that night some of the housemates discussed what they find annoying about Gary. They tried to determine if Gary really does play up his deafness, or if he truly can't hear them. James admitted he finds Gary fascinating, but gets annoyed when he can't hear him. Soon after their discussing James was called to the diary room where Big Brother made it clear that he did not want Gary to become ostracized in the house.

At the end of the night Leslie was fed up with Lauren and Frenchy for constantly coming in and out of the bedroom at 3am while he tried to sleep. He confronted her and told her that she was rude and disrespectful to the rest of the people trying to get sleep. I was surprised to see Leslie jump at this attack so soon in the house. We'll have to see what happens the rest of the week.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Celebrity Big Brother UK: The Lineup

Time for Celebrity Big Brother! Hopefully the winner won't be as vile as, she who shall not be named. Let's just forget about the last Big Brother and just move on. Celebrity Big Brother is awesome, and I really enjoyed that last two years when I started watching it. 

First inside the house was Dee!

I'll admit I've never heard of her, but I plan on doing some research on her documentary she said she was on. Based off of her entrance she seems like she'll be one of those down to earth people that's quite friendly and easy to get on with. I could be wrong though, but I'm sure we'll see.

Second inside the house is James!

Again I'm not familiar with this guy but based off his VT he came across as kind of smug, but when he entered the house he seemed nice. It could be his nerves but who knows, I'll give him a chance. 

Third inside the house is Claire!

Third person inside the house who I have never heard of. I thought it was funny that she mentioned she can't stand people like Dee before entering the house. I love how Big Brother purposes puts in people who they know they'll clash with. I think she could be one to stir drama.

Fourth inside the house is David!

I like him based off his first impression. He seems genuine and looks like he could bring some fun to the house. But as always we will see.

Fifth inside the house is Kellie!

A year ago when Lauren entered the house I adored her, and now we have another transgender in the house. Apparently Kellie has two Airedale terriers, how cute! I also had an Airedale terrier that I loved dearly. She seems like a nice woman, but I'm worried she may end up in the shadows of her fellow house mates.

Sixth inside the house is Audley

Yeah, I never heard of him but I hope his gentleman like qualities shine. We don't want to hear housemates complaining about toilet seats with piss all over them. *Cough**Cough Winston! *Cough*

Seventh inside the house is Lauren!

I've watched bits here and there from The Only Way is Essex so I do know Lauren. I loved Sam on last season of CBB so it'll be interesting to see what she brings to the house. Could there be a showmance occur while she spends her time inside?

Eight inside the house is George!

No idea who this guy is. All I know from him based off his VT is he loves TV, hates to wear underwear, loves his Mum, and likes to drink. I'm indifferent to him at this moment.

Ninth inside the house is Edele!

When they played the song she is best known for I recognized it, but I would've never know who she was if I walked past her. She seems quite confident and bubbly. She appeared the least nervous when entering the house. 

Tenth inside the house is Ricci!

Finally, someone I actually know! I love Geordie Shore it's one of my guilty pleasures and I find it interesting that Ricci wanted to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. I did find myself getting quite annoyed with Ricci at times on Geordie Shore, but who knows maybe he'll redeem himself for me. I'm also wondering if Ricci will try to charm his ways with one of the ladies.

Eleventh inside the house is Stephanie!

Another person I am familiar with. Stephanie seems like a really sweet girl so it'll be interesting to see how she meshes with the other people in the house. I look forward to seeing how she handles certain tasks given to her from Big Brother.

Twelfth inside the house is Leslie!

I love Leslie and I also remember him from Will and Grace. He kind of reminds me of how Lionel was from last season. He seems really sweet and someone I think I'd get along with. I hope he can go far in this game.

Thirteenth in the house is Frenchy!

Uh, I have no idea who this girl is. I don't even remember the reality show she said she was on. She looks kind of trashy... I think she could be one of the first to go, unless she does something like getting her tits out. Oh god...

Last in the house is Gary!

Everyone seemed really excited that Gary would be on the show but I found his entrance awkward. He seemed to have a really hard time hearing, and think there will be a language barrier between him and the British accents. I'm not really sure what I think of him, other than CRINGE.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Big Brother UK: Winner Helen..?

What the fuck is wrong with humanity these days? Helen won Big Brother this summer, and I am just speechless. I was certain that Ashleigh, Chris, or Christopher would win this thing, but somehow the British public thought it would be better to award Helen. 

Let's see week one, Helen enters the house with the first lot of house mates. I didn't have an opinion on her. Pauline became the power housemate and awarded Helen the pass to the finals. In that same week Helen and Danielle have a massive fight over "class." Helen calls Danielle a "fat slag" and tells her to "fuck off."

On the second day the second lot of housemates enter the Big Brother house. Pauline stirs up shit and warns the original housemates about Jale, and Chris. Helen then makes it her mission to make Jale feel like shit by ostracizing Jale and Chris.

Must I also remind you that Helen was warned THREE times by Big Brother on her behavior?

Helen has made countless snide remarks that were absolutely vile. People are trying to say she went on this "journey" but I just don't see it. I still think she is a vile bitch.

Ugh, I just can't even right now... roll on Celebrity Big Brother, I probably won't be watching the normal BBUK next time.

Big Brother Recap: Nicole Evicted

Nicole was unanimously evicted from the house this week. SHOCKER! They say to expect the unexpected, but so far nothing has really surprised me. The same people have been running the house for the entire summer and it's pretty predictable to see who is going on the block. 

Derrick and Frankie won HOH 

Derrick and Frankie have decided they want to make sure Donny is evicted this week. Derrick has convinced Frankie that he needs to be sole HOH this week, because next week could be an endurance comp. Frankie has agreed that to stick with the plan. Derrick wants to put Donny and Christine on the block and have Christine throw it. 

I'm really hoping that Donny can pull something off and win POV this week, otherwise it's eminent that he'll be going home this week. :/  

Frankie has decided to nominate Caleb and Cody on the block.

I really would like it if Hayden or Nicole could win this week and come back into the house. I don't want to see Donny get booted from the house. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big Brother UK Finale Prediction

What can I say about Big Brother UK this summer? It's had its ups and downs, with fights, drama, make ups, breakups, and showmances. I've enjoyed it throughly despite some of arguments that got my blood boiling. We have a final six. Ash, Ashleigh, Chris, Chistopher, Helen, and Pav. Who wins? You decide. (No for real, you decide because I can vote because I'm American. *SadFace*)

I have three people who I think deserve to win:

1. Ashleigh
2. Christopher
3. Chris

I think these three deserve to win based on how they've had to adapt into the house, mesh with people they don't necessarily get on with, and how they've handled situations. 

People who don't deserve to win:

1. Helen
2. Ash
3. Pav (#SorryNotSorry)


In the beginning Ashleigh was almost non existence in the house. There were times I'd see that mop of blonde hair in the background and go, "Who's that? Is she new?" Ashleigh laid very low in the house in for first couple of weeks. Personally it's a smart move because with all the larger than life personalities all vying for the cameras, those are sometimes the ones that go first. 

Eventually we started to see Ashleigh's personality come out, and some people still didn't care for her. I'll admit I was indifferent to her at first, but the moment I started to like her was when she first revealed to us in the diary room during "Girl Power" that she had a strategy to get a certain individual out of the house. I noticed a lot of the house guests get really annoyed when they pin other house guests having a "game plan." Uh, isn't Big Brother a game though?

Even though Ashleigh's strategy fell through, I still thought it was quite clever. In that week she was able to manipulate Helen, Jale and Kim into putting up Ash. In my book anyone who makes moves like this deserves to win. Do I think Ashleigh's fake? Absolutely not, I don't think for a second that she plays up to the cameras, or acts differently. What you see if what you get, is my opinion. For an 18 year old girl, she is for sure wiser than her years. Ashleigh definitely deserves to win in my book.


I love Christopher and I've loved him since the first week, and I can honestly say that. I know a lot of people on BBOTS or in the house claimed that he was "annoying"but I never found that in my opinion. I found him fascinating and I enjoyed hearing his opinions on certain issues. Also the fact that's he a writer/journalist made it a plus for me, since I'm a writer as well. I was never very supportive of his relationship with Mark, because I always felt it was a bit one sided. 

Christopher is very well spoken, and and collect his thoughts and organize them in a way where his arguments always top others. I also have to mention that Christopher is just adorkable! I never felt like he was fake in the house and made for the most part, good judgments. If I were to meet him in real life I know I'd get on with him. If he wins I will be very happy for him, because I'm sure that money could really change his life. 


In the first week I felt really bad for Chris because he was ostracized from the rest of the group due to Pauline's word of mouth. Seeing Chris try to find a bed to sleep in the first night was so heartbreaking, everyone ignored him and made him feel like a loner. One thing I really enjoyed about Chris was his diary entries. His monologues in the diary room really helped break down what was going int he house. I can honestly say I never felt like he was biased in his breakdown analysis of what happened that day. I loved it when he was voted the power housemate that week and I think his decisions were strategic, and justifiable. 

Ever since this whole "Creepy Chris" thing has been brought up I never agreed with it. Based off of my viewings of the show, I think Chris is just a really good friend. He's loyal and he seems to be very protective of Ashleigh. I do not think he thinks anything else than just being a good friend who looks out for her. Last week when the whole Money Power thing was activated I agreed with his decision and hated how he got the biggest blow from the other housemates. I felt there were double standards and I was glad that Christopher defended him. Even though I really like Chris, I don't think he'll win, but he'll definitely come in second or third place. If he were to win, I'd still be happy for him.


Do I think Helen deserves to win? HELL NO. People are trying to justify that she's been on some journey and has changed while being in the house. I have to say that I completely disagree. Helen has gotten quite a few smacks on the hands in her time in the house for things she has said that come across seriously unjust. She's talked about smashing people's heads in, slagged off people's images, and forced people into isolation. I think it's hilarious that Helen likes to say that Ashleigh slags people off behind their backs, when Helen does just the same but worse. I do think Helen is manipulative because she has gathered a group of people in the house to argue against why she acts so "aggressive." 

If she did not have the pass to the finals she probably would have been gone week 1, no doubt. I don't know how people would describe her as "loyal" or "caring." Steven, Kim, and Jale all seem to think she's this wonderful person, when Helen has said shit behind all their backs. DOUBLE STANDARDS. They all bitch about Chris doing this, but yet Helen has done it just as much.


He may be attractive but do I think he deserves to win? No. If he hadn't attached himself to Helen I guarantee you he would've been gone week 2 or 3. He's not done much to entertain, he's kind of boring to be honest. Yeah, he may have not been in many confrontations but I do not think he deserves to win because of that aspect. He's just kind of there. I feel he's just mostly floated through the game. The fact that I don't really have anything else to say about it, kind of just proves that. I can't even remember anything relevant that he's done. 


Okay, I get it that it wasn't his fault that he was thrown over half way through the game, but does he deserve to win? No. Strategically if you were a house mate in the house, wouldn't you be annoyed that this person could potentially steal the £100,000? I know I'd be pissed. I would do everything I could to somehow get him out, because otherwise he's just one more person getting in the way of me winning. 

If I was in Pav's shoes, I'd do all I could to please the British public. What he's doing wrong right now is joining Helen's crew. Anyone who is associated with Helen, gets the boot. We saw that with Winston and Mark last week. If Pav has seen the show, he should know that. I will honestly be surprised if he wins, and I hope he doesn't. Pav is boring. He said he was this fun, "ladies" man, but instead he's just pointless Pav.

This is how I think the eviction process will go:
First evicted: Helen
Second evicted: Ash
Third evicted: Pav
Fourth evicted: Chris
Fifth evicted: Christopher
Winner: Ashleigh.