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The 100: Midseason finale: "Spacewalker" Review & Recap

Warning: If you have not season this recent episode do not read. There are spoilers in here!
source: TheCW//The100
It was an emotional night on the midseason finale of The 100. The grounders bartered for peace if the humans gave up Finn in order for a truce. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy had no intention of giving up one of their own and were determined to find another way of keeping Finn alive. As the new chancellor, Abby also looked for another method of keeping a life safe. 

At the end of the day, Finn knew he had to sacrifice himself in order to keep more lives. I wasn't a  hardcore shipper of Clinn or Flarke. (Whatever their ship name is) It's sad because it seemed like their relationship was only beginning when it came to tragic end. Finn ended up trading himself over to the grounders to keep the rest of his people safe. 

source: TheCW//The100

Clarke went to say goodbye one last time to Finn by giving him one last kiss, and plunging a knife into his stomach to kill him mercifully. Lincoln had told them that Finn's death would not be a quick one and would include a numerous amount of torture before his demise. This was an excellent episode because we got to delve into Raven and Finn's relationship the previous year before he was imprisoned. 

source: TheCW//The100
source: TheCW//The100

It turns out that Finn wasn't really the one that did an illegal spacewalk, but it was in fact Raven, who had done so. Yeah, Finn had helped her get away with it, but took the blame because Raven was 18 at the time and would have been floated for her crime. Finn had some great character development through the show. He was the one that wanted to contain peace between the grounders and the humans in the first place. But because of his love for Clarke he ended up killing 17 innocent grounders in search for her during their separation, which ultimately led to his death.

I'd give this episode a solid 9/10. 

Sidenote: Also, does this mean #Bellarke can happen now? I'd love to see those two hook up...just saying.

source: TheCW//The100

Survivor Season 29: Blood Vs. Water: And the winner is...

I'll admit I wasn't a fan of the twinnies. I watched them play twice in Amazing Race, and didn't like how they played the game. I have to admit though, Natalie has really grown on me over the season, and I have found myself wanting her to win. She played a lower key game in the beginning staying under the radar. When her closest ally Jeremy was voted out it lit a fire under her that really kickstarted her game. She was able to navigate thought he game by making huge moves and winning competitions. 

In the first reward challenge, Keith won the advantage which allowed him to practice the immunity challenge in the following days. Jaclyn was sent to Exile island while the others got to go back to camp. Then Natalie pulled another huge move and blindsides his closest ally Baylor, by using the immunity idol on Jaclyn. 

source: CBS//Survivor

This was probably the best move to make when you want to compete against weaker players. Muffin, I mean Missy has a broken foot, Jaclyn has yet to win an immunity challenge and your biggest competitor is Keith. 

source: CBS//Survivor

Natalie knows how to play this game by leaving her emotions behind and making critical decisions to further herself in the game. I have no doubt that if Natalie and Baylor were sitting in final two that Natalie would beat Baylor, but it's the challenge of getting to final two when Baylor has her mom to consider taking. 

Surprisingly Missy wasn't too mad about Natalie giving the boot to her daughter. She understands that is is a game, which is respectful. 

source: CBS//Survivor

Then in the second immunity challenge Jaclyn wins her first immunity challenge! It was a close race between Natalie and Jaclyn as they raced to finish. I was a little nervous for Natalie at this point, because technically she could be voted out. I mean it would be the smart thing to do strategically. 

source: CBS//Survivor

Everyone gets back to camp and pitches their case to Jaclyn. Jaclyn pulls Missy to the side and pitches the idea of getting rid of Natalie. Missy is down for getting rid of Natalie since she got rid of her daughter. I was sooo nervous for this second tribal I was so scared Natalie was going to get the boot.

Me, during the final vote:

Keith ends up getting voted out by the three girls. Our final three consists of Missy, Jaclyn, and Natalie. 

source: CBS//Survivor

The three girls go to the final tribal council and pitch their plea to the jury to persuade the jury why they deserve the million dollars. At this point I was pretty positive Natalie was going to win this game.

Congrats, Natalie! You definitely played the best game! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Interview With Emmy Nominated Rapper T.O.N.E.-Z

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking to T.O.N.E.-Z the Emmy nominated rapper/actor from the Bronx. I did a phone interview with T.O.N.E.-Z discussing the industry, his full length album, and other various things. He was really friendly and insightful with his interview!

Source: Facebook//T.O.N.E -Z

1. What made you want to work in the Music/Entertainment Industry?
A: I would probably say the Jackson Five preforming for a video. From then on -- just for music in general that did it for me -- watching the Jackson five. That was it. It was a live performance. I had seen little Michael running around and I lost my mind. [laughs] I was imitating him, and to this day I do a pretty good Michael Jackson impersonation. So that's what did it.

2How did you finally manage to break into the industry and be noticed?
A: Around my area -- it starts off locally of course. I was really shy, really, really, shy. I mean embarrassingly shy, and I would always write my rhymes once I heard, Run - D.M.C, LL Cool J, Kurtis Blow, and my brother's rap too. I use to stay in my room and write rap. One day my friend back then heard me and he started telling people. 

So, I started getting known locally, doing little house parties, and going to the park and rapping there. That was just being heard in general. But as far as the whole business part, I started being a bum, but I'll tell you why. I was a bum because my mother would give me money for shoes, and clothes, but I would go to the studio. I use to take the money and walk all the way to another part of the Bronx across Grand concourse. 

There was a guy there named Kenny Scott, he passed away a long time ago, but we use to go to his studio and just record there and spend all my money there. I did that for awhile and one day a guy heard my stuff, a guy named Hollywood. He heard my demo and he took it to this production company, which shall remain nameless because they were snakes. [laughs] They took it to a company called Select Records and I got signed over there and that was in the early nineties. I was a youngin' making records and going to school. [laughs]

3. "How many times did people tell you, "No?"
A: I really didn't get "No" until after I left Select Records.  Once I got "No" it was just because of the camaraderie between labels, not because of my talent. But the first demo that went out got picked up. It was basically a bidding war between label records.

4. How were you approached for making the theme song for Justified?
A: There's a guy I met in the studios in Queens. I was working with a DJ named JS1. He and I were just working on some demos, recording, and doing shows. We recorded a song at a studio called Stardust Studio out in Queens. A guy named Rench liked the way I sounded, and he said, "Hey, man. I got this studio set up in my apartment in Brooklyn if you ever wanna pop by." 

I was there they next day recording. We put out an independent album. I had a lot of my vocals in his studio, just floating around. One day in 2004 he said, "Hey, man. You mind if I take these vocals and I chop up these hip hop beats, and Blue Grass samples and make a mix tape? Imma call it Gangstagrass." I was like, "As long you ain't selling it, it's fine." 

So, it was circling around the Internet getting a cult following, and somebody at FX all the way up until 2009 stumbled onto it. They heard a song called On the Run that we did. We had to redo it because of the samples, but he wanted to use it for the trailer for the first season of Justified. They contacted us and said, "Hey, do you guys think you could do the theme song?" I did those lyrics in like twenty minutes. [laughs] We got that gig I think in the same day. So, that was pretty cool, and that's how it happened. [laughs]

5. Were you guys skeptical at all when this guy approached you?
A: Of course! I've learned in this business that until the check is cleared and you got the money, that's when the deal is on. I've got told things and then everybody falls short. The money isn't why I do what I do. The money to me shows me that you're serious. Once someone writes you a check and it clears, you know you're good. 

Source: FX

7. You actually appeared on a few episodes of Justified. What was your experience?
A: I pretty much bum rushed the set for that. I made my presence known. See, I'm into the show. I watched the show. I was a fan of the show, I was a fan of the actors, so I use to go out there to LA and just say I wanna get in this. So, there this character named Limehouse that needed some henchmen. I played a character named Barnes but I was only in two episodes. I'm hoping I'll be in this last season. That was really cool because I got to hang out with everybody. I mean, I know everybody from the show but it was really cool to hang out with everybody and see how it's done.

Source: Syfy

8. What current TV show would you love to appear on?
A: Z-Nation. It's really good. I met with the company Asylum. I think SyFy channel is one of the best networks on TV. I'm a big fan of Z-Nation, don't get me wrong, I love The Walking Dead. I'm kind of hoping to get in it, because I was talking to them recently. I would love to be on Haven, The 100, Resurrection, Scandal, Arrow. I'd also kill to be on The Vampire Diaries. [Laughs] I love that show! 

9.  How long did it take you to work on your recent album Fog of War?
A: I can get an album down in two days. If I have the concept of the music, but that album took longer cause I was working with other featured artist. I was working with Alicia Witt on and album. I was actually sitting on that album for a little while because I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I had an EP I put out with some of the guys in the Gangstagrass band and I kind of put that on the album. I was still adding songs and whatnot, and that album probably took a year. 

10. Where did the title come from? Is there a story behind that?
A: [Laughs] That was Rench. Rench is the guy from Gangstagrass. Gangstagrass is like a band. It keeps changing. So it's sort of like a band with a whole bunch of different people that changes. He had to be apart of Fog of War. He always comes up with these crazy titles. There was a title called "Fog" so I decided to call it Fog of War because of all the emotional things in the album.

. 11. What advise would you give to those wanting to break into the music/entertainment industry?
A: [Laughs] I give the same answer. Two words. Be yourself. That's it. If you think about it anything that good happens or goes wrong it's because you were being you. You weren't compromising and you pretty much put it on yourself. Anything that comes your way is going to be natural because you were being you. 

.::Other Miscellaneous news::.

• T.O.N.E.-z shot a short film in Florida in May. He was cast in a film called Clarity, which is written and directed by Sonny DyonQiCo Films. He plays a character named Tony. It was shot it down in Orlando, and is going to be out this week. 

•T.O.N.E.-z has an EP next year called Handcuff. He's a featured artist the producer's name is Rorscack on MalLabel. It will be out next year. 

• He was out in LA and shot the music video for the song Bar Tab.

• T.O.N.E.-z will be at the premiere for the last season of Justified and will be preforming Long Hard Times to Come, the hit theme song. Check out his music video here:

If you want to check out T.O.N.E.-z's music you can find it here: