Monday, June 16, 2014

Big Brother UK 2014 June 16th

Yet again we watch as Jale is continuously picked on in the house. I was really annoyed when Jale said, "Good morning" to Toya, and she just purposely ignored her. I forgave Toya when she at least had the decency to apologize about it later. I mean Toya could be faking the apologize, but I'll give her credit, she's playing the game if that's what she's done.

Did anyone else find it extremely rude to see Pauline exercising in the middle of the bedroom earlier in the morning? We all know that if that was anyone else exercising, Pauline would've flipped her shit and gone off on them for being "inconsiderate." 

I didn't really have an opinion on Marlon, and I was indifferent to him. I will say I don't agree with the comments he was making to Kim. They were kind of inappropriate, but props to Kimberly to standing her ground and telling him how the comments made her feel. I really like Kim. Also a little sidenote, I don't know about you, but I hate it when people tell me to smile. So I found it funny when Kim looked at Marlon like, "Are you for real?"when he asked her to smile. 

I'm glad Ash was nominated. I really don't like him. He seems like that guy who just hangs out with however is coolest, and doesn't really have his own opinion. The way he just aimlessly follows around Helen, Stephen, and Pauline is ridiculous. I really didn't appreciate it last week when he and Stephen were laughing hysterically when the nominations were revealed. It was really immature. 

I don't get why Helen hates Jale so much. The comment she made while exiting the living room to Jale was just not necessarily. "Were you listening?" she cracked while exiting in her snide voice, made me want to punch her in the face. I'm really annoyed that she's been given the pass to finals. I hope to god that there is some twist where that pass can be revoked and giving to another HG.

Like I said, I feel really bad for Jale. She's the underdog right now, and honestly she's handling this really maturely but not saying anything back. 

So the nominations for this week so far are. Pauline, Christopher, Stephen, and Ash. I really can't stand Pauline, but I'm starting to think maybe the British public should evict either Ash or Stephen. I don't know what do you guys think?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Big Brother UK 2014 Day After First Eviction (RANT)

So I've been watching BBUK for a few years now and I absolutely love the show. For those of you who haven't watched it, it's a completely different entity compared to the US version. Saying that though, it's still quite enjoyable to watch. I wanted to write this blog post because I have a rant I need to get out, badly.

On the launch night of Big Brother, ten house guests entered the house. Out of all of them, Pauline, the last one to enter the house had positive ratings based on her first appearance.  She was bubbly, bouncy, looked like good all around fun, as well being the oldest person of the house at 49. I even found myself quite liking her, but after the first week, my opinion of her changed.

I was happy for her when the public had the option to choose one of the house guests to give them a "power trip", giving them power to give prizes, make nominations and give rewards to other house guests. But after this week, it's clear the power went straight to Pauline's head. First she had the option to give one of the house guests on the first night, a prize and a punishment. She chose to give Mark the prize based off of his VT. She chose to give Matthew the punishment based off his VT, saying he appeared arrogant. Which I'll agree, I kind of got that vibe as well. Mark won £5,000 and I wasn't bothered by that. Matthew ended up being trapped in a glass box for a day, by Big Brother. 

The next night, six more house guests entered the house. Pauline had to remain in the power room and make a decision on giving someone the pass to the finals. She was allowed to watch the new house guests VT and judge if she wanted to give it to one of them, or the original ten HG's. She made it clear she didn't care for any of the new six and chose to give the pass to Helen. I didn't mind this at first, but that was because I didn't really know Helen well enough to judge. 

Pauline has been very quick to make judgement with people. After seeing Chris' VT she ran around the house, telling other HG's about his VT. She spread misinformation, and made the other HG's pass judgement on him before even getting to know him. She did the same with Jale, making her ostracized as well. When I've been watching the episodes, I've become so enraged over some of the things she's said about these people. The sad part about it, is she already has a clique formed around her agreeing with her every word.

So getting on to the recent episode. Christopher has felt very lonely in the house after having a simple disagreement with Pauline. Pauline didn't like that he didn't agree with her, and basically started mouthing off horrible things about him, making other HG's question him as a person. Christopher has made severe attempts at trying to talk to Pauline about their fall out. She has not wanted to hear anything of it. She doesn't want to be civil with him at all, it's infuriating. 

What makes it even worse is she tells the other HG's, "I tell people to their face how I feel about them, I don't say it behind their back. If someone has a problem with me, they should have the decency to say it to my face." She contradicts herself, because both Christopher, and Jale have tried having a word with her, and she'll hear nothing of it. UGH, this woman, man!

Now that the power has been shifted to Chris, and he's already nominated her. I hope to god she gets evicted next Friday. I can't stand her, she's a vile woman.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Favorite DC Animated Series

I know that DC hasn't had the best live action movies as of late, but you can't deny that they've made some of the best animated series. Even better than Marvel's animated series, in my opinion. So I'm just going to do a basic review and a breakdown of my favorite series from DC, and explain why I think they're awesome.

1. Batman the Animated Series

This was the first DC cartoon I watched a child. I was young at the time when it started. I was like like 2 or 3, but I quickly became obsessed with Batman. I had batman book bags, batman toothpaste, batman toys. I was batman obsessed! Until recently after re-watching episodes I never realized how dark and deep the story telling was. The show stayed very true to the comics and the audience got a feel for the characters. It's one of the best adaptations to ever be on TV. There has been some other Batman animated series, *cough* The Batman *cough* that were terrible. This one does not disappoint.

2. Teen Titans

This was one of my absolute favorite DC animated series to watch. I know there is a mix of people who either loved the show, or just thought it was silly. It's a western animated series with hints of anime. It really worked for the show, as it had serious episodes, but would relieve tense moments with comic relief. I actually grew close to a close niche of friends in middle school because of this show. 

Surprisingly enough the show was for the most part canon with the comic series. Not everything entirely was, but the writers did give a nod towards the comics by taking the more major story arcs from the comics, and adapting them into episodes.

I mean Teen Titans is awesome, how can you not love them?

3. Static Shock

Personally, Static is one of my FAVORITE, african american superheroes from DC comics. I like him even more than Green Lantern. Static is just so relatable, he's funny, he just wants to do good with his gifted powers. He has some hilarious one liners, and just has awesome powers. I remember watching this show every Saturday on WB kids. 

I would wake up super early just so I wouldn't miss it. This was another show that surprised me with some of the topics they would target. There was one episode that discussed gun violence being caused by bullying. I can't even imagine them showing an episode like that on TV today, god forbid we have a topic like that on TV. I was really sad when this show got cancelled, it was one of those shows that had crossover episodes with Superman, Batman, and Justice League. 

It was just an all around great show, and I'd love to see this be adapted into a live action movie, if they do it justice.

4. Justice League

Love Justice League! They had really good episodes, and the voice actors did justice to their characters. I really miss this show, but I was happy when they extended it to Justice League Unlimited. They did a good job of helping us understand the characters by giving each episode to one hero and helping us learn more about them. I will admit the first episode did kind of freak me out when I first saw it. That alien invasion shit was no joke. I'd be surprised if it hasn't scared some children!

5. Justice League Unlimited

For a kids show, this is one dense piece of work. The stories are complex, often taken from the comic series. The characters are enjoyable to explore and grow with. It's also interesting to see DC look at some of the lesser known super heroes, or less popular ones such as Dr. Fate, Captain Atom, Zatanna, and more. Each episode we focus on a set of different heroes and learn more about their personality as well as a bit of backstory. But besides the the episodes lead to a larger story arc for the entire season.

The whole show is well thought out and each episode is weaved together perfectly. There is romance, friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness. There is also some crossover episode. One of my favorite episodes from season one is the episode titled "epilogue." Set 65 years into the future we discover the fate of the justice league and learn a dark secret of Batman. It's a highly recommended episode, especially if you've seen ALL of Batman Beyond. I was so giddy when I saw it pop up because I really miss watching Batman Beyond so seeing an older Terry excited me.

There's three seasons in total and I just can't help but wonder how many of the plots went over children's heads. Just because it's a cartoon don't let it mislead you into thinking it'll be silly kid stuff. It's a cartoon that kids and adults can enjoy. And if you're a huge DC fan like I am, you'll surely enjoy it.

6. Batman Beyond

This show came out in 1999 and I was 8 at the time. Before that, I had always watched the Batman animated series, and loved it. When I heard there was going to be a futuristic take on Batman I was skeptical to say the least. I recently watched the entire series on Netflix because I've just gotten into this super hero phase, where I just want to watch as much as possible. After watching it I have to say this show must've just gone right over my head. The story lines are fascinating, the voice actors are amazing, and the take on the future of Gotham is terrifying. 

I mean, I'm already scared of the future as it is, but I would not want to live in Gotham in 2040. The most interesting thing about the show is watching Terry Mcginnis, the protagonist of the show. (Bruce Wayne's protege) Unlike Batman who always was able to swiftly and for the most part, calmly take down his enemies, Terry is still on the learning curve of things. He hasn't experienced being Batman enough to know what the smart moves are and what aren't. At the end of each episode we watch as Terry fixes the mistake he makes and learns from it, only giving him more experience. I just love watching the dichotomy between Bruce and Terry. 

It was also interesting to see past characters that had now aged and to learn more history between characters. Some of the episodes are extremely deep for a kid's show as well. The episodes all have well written story arcs, and even can be a bit emotional to watch. The pilot episode's teaser shows why Bruce Wayne officially retired as Batman. I won't spoil it here in case any of you decide to check it out, but it made me tear up a bit. There were plenty of episodes I watched where I could sympathize with the characters. 

I know there are some people who really despised this series, but I disagree. It's a good watch, if you enjoy Batman, and want to explore more of the mythology. I am actually really sad that I finished it, because I keep hoping to watch more. I give it an 9/10.

Sidenote: This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'd be interested to see this as a live action movie, if it could be done properly. 

7. Young Justice

I know a lot of people really enjoyed Young Justice, but honestly out of all the other series this was my least favorite. I mean it's still something to watch if you like DC, but I didn't care for the new looks ons some of the characters. But that's me just being a bit nitpicky I guess.

Question for you: What are you favorite DC animated series? Are any of them the ones I listed above, or is there one you enjoy that I didn't mention. Maybe I'll check them out. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New comic book adaptations hitting TV soon.

Since the huge success of "Smallville" and "The Walking Dead," it seems like almost every major TV network wants to get their hands on a comic book series that they can adapt into a TV series. There are quite a few that have come out in recent years that are doing well, and some that are coming out later this fall.

Here are some of the new comic book adaptations coming to TV soon.

The Flash (Coming this Fall) The CW

Since the CW premiered Arrow two years ago, and it became a success they decided to create a spin off series. They tested a backdoor pilot in season 2 of Arrow and got the green light to continue and make a full season that everyone is looking forward to. I was a little skeptical of the casting choice at first since I didn't know much about Grant Gustin. After seeing him in two episodes of Arrow, as well as the trailer, I've changed my mind. The special effects in the trailer look top notch for a TV show. I'm pretty pumped and can't wait for it's premiere. I heard it'll air on Tuesdays in the fall. More details will come out later this year I'm sure.

Constantine (Coming this fall) NBC

I've seen the film once, and was surprised NBC picked this one up. I saw mixed reviews when it was announced that NBC would be producing this show. Personally I find most NBC shows to be either a hit or miss. Some seem to do really well, while others fall flat. After seeing this trailer the show looks promising. Also the actor that plays Constantine looks like they literally ripped him out of the comic book. I'll definitely at least give this show a try. ;)

Gotham (Coming this fall) FX

A prequel to Batman you say? Focusing on Detective Gordon in his earlier days? I'm so stoked to see this show for sure, and also knowing it's on FX gives me high hopes when they also have many other successful shows such as Sons of Anarchy, Justified, American Horror Stories. I'll be disappointed if this isn't a good show, but I doubt that'll happen.

iZombie The CW

There's no trailer out for this yet, but when there is I'll link it.

I'm not going to lie, when I read the description of this show, the first thing that came to mind was the movie "Warm Bodies." It's basically about a girl who turns into a zombie and has to eat brains to survive. She turns to forensic science where she can eat murdered victims brains and see their last memories to help aid the police in the investigation. I don't know if I'll be giving this show a try...but I heard the comic is suppose to be really good. We'll see...

Preacher (AMC)
I don't know much about this show, but apparently AMC picked it up and it's currently in development.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five fictional towns I would not want to live in

1. Mystic Falls (Vampire Diaries)

Set in Virginia, this is one of the places I would definitely not choose to settle down and raise a family. The fact that there's so many different supernatural beings that try to take over this town, by killing innocent people would make me think twice before buying a house here. I really wouldn't want to have to deal with the vampires, werewolves, dopplegangers, hybrids, witches, and travelers. I'm surprised that as many people live here and don't ever question the strange disappearances or amount of murders in this town. Must be all the vampire compelling going around.

2. Charming (Sons of Anarchy)

The name of this town is quite deceiving since everything is NOT charming, in charming town. This is the town where the show Sons of Anarchy takes place. I can't tell you how many people have been innocently murdered while in the crossfires of gun shoot outs between biker gangs, but I wouldn't want to live here. I mean it's pretty much guaranteed that'll you be shot, or blown up while living in this town.

3. Gotham City (Batman)

I mean, do I really need to explain why I wouldn't want to live here? We've all at least seen some sort of Batman movie or TV show. This city is high in crime rate. There's meta humans running around, stealing, raping, murdering. How could one ever feel safe at night in their home? Only good thing is having Batman around to hopefully save the day if you're ever in danger.

4. Starling City (Arrow)

Like Gotham, there does seem to be a high volume of crime, but that's not the first reason why I wouldn't live here. Ever since watching Arrow it seems like everyone just really wants to destroy the city. Last time Malcom Meryln practically destroyed the city, and right around the time the city was just nearly getting rebuilt Slade has to come in and destroy it yet again! I wonder what the insurance is like for this city?

5. Chester's Mill (Under the Dome)

Chester's mill reminds most of us of our own home towns. It's quaint, has friendly neighbors, and is all around charming. The reason I wouldn't want to live here is because clearly something from out of this world has it out for this town, by placing a huge indestructible dome over the town trapping all of it's inhabitants inside. Yeah, hell no. #Aliens