Monday, September 22, 2014

#Gotham: Pilot: Recap & Review

I was really excited for the series premiere of Gotham. I'm a huge DC fan and saw potential from the trailer for this new series. A lot of DC television shows are coming to television this fall. "Gotham", "The Flash," and "Constantine."

In the teaser we meet Selina Kyle as she roams through the city stealing a carton of milk, presumingly for herself, along with a wallet. It's then that we realize she stole the milk for her cat companion in a nearby ally. Selina ducks out of sight when she hears laughter approach the alley she's hidden in. Bruce Wayne and his parents take a short cut through the ally as they make their way home. 

Camren Bicondova as (Selina Kyle)

Selina watches from the shadows on as a stranger appears and demands the Wayne's hand over all their valuables. The Wayne's do as the mugger says and hand over their valuables. Without a blink of an eye the thief shoots both parents. Bruce watches in horror as his parents collapse to the floor lifeless. 

The robber aims his gun at the young Bruce Wayne but opts not to kill him, and instead brushes past him without a care. Bruce shakes his father's body pleading for him to get up.

Harvey Bullock (Donel Logue) and James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) arrive at the Crime scene where the bodies of Thomas and Martha Wanye are covered by sheets. Harvey gets the scoop on what has happened from the other officers. Meanwhile James speaks with the shaken and traumatized Bruce Wayne to comfort him.

James promises a frightened Bruce that he will find his parent's killer.

James and Harvey roam the streets meeting informants and interrogating criminals from the streets to solve the Wayne murder. They eventually pin the murder on Ivy Pepper's (Poison Ivy) father, Mario Pepper. They chase the escaping assailant and shoot him down when he tries to kill James.

The police force finally believe they have captured the one who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents. James attends the Wayne funeral where Bruce shakes hands with James. "You've kept your promise," he says to the rookie detective.

At the end of the episode James comes clean to Bruce that the man they thought killed his parents was not the one to commit the crime. "I'm sorry. Give me a second chance to find the person who killed your parents," James says to Bruce.

"Don't be," Bruce replies. "I want to see him again."

Throughout the episode we have numerous cameo's from notorious Batman villians, and anti heros. Selina Kyle (Cat Woman), Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), and Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy). The pilot sets up the show for more cameos in the near future.


The show was fairly fast paced and didn't drag at any points in my opinion. The chemistry between McKenzie and Logue meshed well together. I wasn't completely blown away by the first episode but I'll definitely give it a chance. I'm no Marvel fan but I heard the first three episodes of Agents of Shield were god awful, but people still stuck it through with that show.

Some people may be disappointed with the show because they expect to see Batman. No. This is a prequel. Batman is not our protagonist, James Gordon is. Expect to see Gordon and Bullock attempt to clean up the city of Gotham as best as they can. We all know where this would lead as the two ultimately fail to clean up the crime of Gotham and that is when Batman steps in.

I've heard some people expect to see cross over episodes with Gotham, Arrow and The Flash. This will never happen due to the fact they're on separate networks. Arrow and The Flash being on TheCW and Gotham being on FOX.

I give the premiere a 7/10.

If you're a die hard fan I'm sure you'll enjoy the show. If you're not an expert on the subject you may be just "meh."

Bullock and Gordon from Batman The Animated Series.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#BB16: Caleb Evicted!

Caleb was the latest to bite the dust tonight on the second eviction of the week.

I'll admit Caleb was very entertaining to watch on Big Brother. He was the big loveable dummy, that we could all get a laugh out of.

Derrick's plan of getting rid of Caleb without much blood on his hands worked. Cody did throw Derrick under the bus slightly in his speech when he revealed that he and Derrick have been working with each other since day 2.

Caleb didn't seem too mad in his exit interview with Julie, but he was probably to busy being relieved he wasn't booed like Christine.

Friday is Part I of the last HOH. I'm kind of hoping we get to see the jury house again, and see Frankie and Caleb enter the house and see the reactions.

And here's our final three!

It would be a huge expect the unexpected if Derrick didn't win this season of Big Brother 16. Who knows maybe Cody or Victoria could surprise us if things don't go Derrick's way. We'll see...not.

Congrats Derrick, I know you are going to win this thing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#BB16 Big Brother 16: Frankie Grande EVICTED!


Frankie has been evicted. 

It's about time.

Frankie was painful to watch on TV. Although at times CBS gave him the golden edit he was far from it. Frankie made very malicious person comments about every evicted house guest. He was egotistical, narcissistic, vile, and self entitled. He got my blood boiling with how amazing he thought he was, and why he thought he could not be unlikable.

Houseguests study for the POV. Cody won

I was slightly annoyed Frankie wasn't booed at his eviction, but this was prerecorded and the audience was filled with CBS members.

Victoria, Cody, and Derrick played for the HOH and it came down to a tie breaker between Cody and Derrick. Derrick was two numbers off his guess which is pretty amazing. Also interesting choice for a guess. Lol 420.

Derrick is HOH and we might as well give him the check for $500,000 because I'm pretty sure he's going to win.

Also we do not want Frankie to win America's favorite player! Hell NO. Most people are voting between Zach and Donny. I like Zach but I'm definitely voting for Donny.

Friday, September 5, 2014

#CBBUK: Gary Busey Best Strategic Player in Celebrity Big Brother?

From the beginning I've not been a fan of Gary. I've noticed the minority of us who are vocal on our opinions of Gary have to tread lightly because apparently Gary has a huge fan base. I'll tell you the reasons why I don't like Gary. It may sound petty, but because I've experienced living with a "Gary" for ten years I know how the house mates feel with their frustration.

Gary has hearing loss:
I get it, okay? When you get older shit happens, and your body begins to weakens. Gary has to wear hearing aids in order to hear. I also have hearing loss and had to wear hearing aids for a short period of time due to my auditory hearing problems. Despite my slight hearing loss, I still am able to hear quite fine. Gary on the other hand is near death, making it often that you have to repeat yourself. I do believe though that Gary sometimes up plays his hearing loss to his advantage. I think when Gary finds himself heading for a brick wall in arguments he plays that "I didn't hear you," card. 

This is usually when once you repeat yourself for the third time that suddenly it turns into. "I don't understand." These are great tools to use into manipulating someone into believing they are wrong, while also making yourself appear like the helpless victim.

Gary also has head trauma:
Gary has gone through a series of brain surgery for numerous reasons. He was also a cocaine addict many years back. It's no doubt they're a few fried brain cells up there. I also think at times Gary uses this to his advantage with the house mates into processing things.

Gary's Nomination Choices:
Gary's nomination choices I also think were strategic. I honestly believe that Gary realizes he's sitting pretty as he knows the British public for some reason adore him. I guarantee if any of the random civilians of the British Public were forced to live with Gary for a week they would most likely change their opinion on him to being a nightmare. But I get it, we want good TV, right?

Gary nominated both Kellie and Stephanie. I think Gary paid good attention to the rows that took place in the house this week with some of the house guests. He has also listened to the public's perception of Kellie by hearing the public "BOO" her. By making your nominations you want to make nominations that you know will be evicted. Edele was an easy pick as a pawn to see how the public felt about her, but also knowing she'd be no loss if she were to be evicted. Kellie was the target this week along with Stephanie.

I'm still up in the air if Gary just really is being his weird bizarre self, or if he is playing the most genius strategy by using his disabilities to gain sympathy from the British public. I already know some people are rolling their eyes by now, but this is just my opinion. It's not completely crazy for someone to use the victim card to their advantage. 

Either way all of the house mates have had a problem with Gary. They can't all be cruel there is definitely something there that bothers them enough to nominate him every single week.

Big Brother 16: #BB16 Nicole & Christine Evicted

No surprise this week. It was eminent that Nicole was going to go home. It was pretty straightforward that if Christine won POV (which she did) and took herself off the block, that Nicole would be the target.

Caleb made a very close decision to making a huge game changing move by turning on his alliance and putting Frankie on the block. Caleb, Derrick and Cody spent a day and a half discussing the pros and cons to putting Frankie on the block. The morning of the POV ceremony Caleb had an epiphany and realized that if he put Frankie on the block and got him evicted that he'd have loads of "haters."

Caleb played it safe and placed Victoria on the block besides Nicole. At eviction it was another unanimous vote and Nicole was booted from the house once again.

At this point I was really hoping that Christine would win HOH because I knew she would put Frankie up. Derrick, Cody, and Caleb had made it clear that they were going to target Christine. In the HOH comp "What The Bleep?" Derrick won the comp in a matter of 45 seconds. I actually think Derrick didn't want to really win HOH to avoid getting any blood on his hands. Derrick put Christine and Victoria on the block and then competed for the veto.

The Veto competition "Mazed and Dazed" Frankie annoyingly smoked everyone in the competition and won the power of veto (ugh) avoiding any chance of backdooring. Frankie kept the nominations the same in respect of the HOH (Derrick) Christine was unanimously voted out of the house without any sympathy votes from Cody. 

Christine stormed out of the house avoiding any goodbye hugs from the boys or Victoria. Christine was met with a roar of "boos" from the audience which I think even she was a little shocked from. I was expecting to see Julie do a good grilling of Christine with her relationship with Cody, but there was barely any mention of it. 

Julie mentioned another twist of the twisty summer yet (sarcasm) revealing the "rewind" button. If any of the house guests were to push the button it would rewind to the week before, dethroning the HOH and the nominations and Veto holder. (Spoiler Alert they pushed the button) Julie also mentioned that Jeff and Jordon would be visiting the house and sharing some exciting news. (Spoiler Alert they get engaged) What a twist!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Big Brother: #BB16 Nominations & Have Nots

If you don't watch the live feeds you probably don't know that Caleb won HOH. I pretty much guessed he'd win it, and I was right. It was close between Caleb and Christine but Caleb pulled out his inner beast mode cowboy and won the challenge. Fairly early on in the challenge Derrick gave up all attempts at trying to win HOH and went for the temptation of "$5,000 for 5,000 hollas."

I  really wonder why none of the other house mates caught on to this, but if your playing for the HOH and you see someone who isn't even trying to win, wouldn't you wonder why they think they're so safe? 

Caleb had to choose two have not's for the last week and Derrick volunteered to take a position since he went after the money instead of the Head of Household. It took almost twenty minutes as the rest of the house guests stood around the kitchen table staring at the snot roast that America chose for the house guest to eat for the week. Everyone remained quiet as Caleb asked, "Anyone wanna volunteer? Are you guys gonna make me chose? This is so harrrrd."

Really Caleb? Everyone has been a have not at least twice except for....Frankie. Frankie was quick to say, "I can't do it twice. I've done it once and my fingers were practically bleeding sleeping it that cold room. I need to eat for this week."

Nicole and Donny were have not's for last week and I knew that Caleb would be mean enough to make her a have not for the second week in a row. Christine at one point pointed to Frankie for an option but Caleb ignored it.

Later Caleb, Derrick, Frankie and Cody talked in the HOH room about who they wanted to have sit next to Nicole for nominations. Everyone was positive that it should be Christine. The three complained that they basically carried Christine to the end and that she was a floater.

So now Christine and Nicole are sitting on the block together.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Brother UK: David Evicted #CBBUK

David was Evicted!

I don't really mind because he didn't really bring much to the house. He was kind of just there, you know? He did have a little row with Gary, but who hasn't in this house? Almost everyone has a problem with the guy.

Shortly after his evictions the house mates had to do face to face nominations.

Most of the house mates chose Gary and Leslie for their top choice.

Frenchy was nominated a few times for a reasonable choice. Frenchy cut up Leslie's clothes the other day, as well as spilling all the food onto the floor. Frenchy is a very unpredictable character and does seem to have a loose screw somewhere. I would not want to share a house with her!

Audley's nomination for Kellie got her boiling. I thought I would like Kellie but I find that she overreacts to things, and doesn't like to take criticism. It bugs me that she tries to play the victim card all the time.

Audley tried to explain his reasoning behind his nomination but Kellie wouldn't hear any of it.

If I had to choose out of all the nominees who I want to see leave it would be Gary or Kellie. I know Gary won't be evicted because the British public loves to watch Gary torment the house with his annoying, strange behaviors.

I don't want to see Leslie go because he is very entertaining. I just adore him and he cracks me up!

I also don't want to see Stephanie go. Some people were really annoyed with how she snapped at Gary behind her reason for nominating him, but I say "Go girl!" At least she's not being fake about not liking him.