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Catfish The TV Show: Episode 2: Foot Fetish Catfish?

Second episode of Catfish!
Source: MTV

In this episode of Catfish, Nev enlists the help of former Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf to help him hunt down the truth of their catfish. (She's also had online stalker issues in the past.)

Source: Instagram

Apparently the catfish of this episode, sent in an application to the show pretending to be his victim. What the heck? Already confused by this series of events Nev gets in contact with the potential Catfish victim, Courtney.

Source: MTV

Courtney made an OkCupid profile and started talking to some guy named Issak. She became interested in Issak when he posted that he was not down for just hookups and posted that he was asexual. The two hit it off and started talking. They even exchanged phone numbers after awhile.

Source: MTV

Everything went well until Issak sent a picture to Courtney of himself. According to Courtney, Issak's picture in his text message looked nothing like how he appeared on his OKCupid profile. Courtney cut "Issak" out of her life at that point until the show contacted her saying they were interested in her story. She was confused because she had not applied for Catfish. Issak sounds like a creeper already also maybe a little desperate...

Source: MTV

Nev and Cassidy fly out to meet Courtney to find out more about Courtney and her story. Apparently Issak was not down for cutting ties with Courtney and continued to obsessive text and call her. They take a look at Issak's Okcupid profile that still is very active. Courtney shows Nev and Cassidy the picture Issak sent of himself to compare to his profile pic on Okcupid. He does look nothing like how he claims to appear online. Red flag alert!

Source: MTV

Nev and Cassidy search up Issak's pictures on google to see if it gets any hits. They instantly get a hit from Issak's photos and found them used from other websites and even craigslist. Apparently his name really is Issak and he has a foot fetish...

Source: NBC

He's also been in lawsuits with woman with foot messages. From the research they found online they found he's notorious for being creepy and stalking out girls to rub their feet. Oh, Internet...

Nev contacted a girl over Facebook that claimed to have in real life interactions with Issak. She got back to Nev to explain her story in depth. Apparently she met Issak at work and he would message her over Facebook. She made no gesture to show she was interested in him, but he remained persistent. He even came into work once when she wasn't there looking for her.  Nev and Cassidy get Courtney caught up on all the information to see how she reacts. She's pretty creeped out and worried about her safety and her family's.

Source: ABC 

The next day, Nev calls up Issak to confront him on this story. Surprisingly enough, unlike most of the Catfish that are put on the spot, Issak was stoked to hear Nev on the phone. Nev asked why he pretended to be Courtney to their casting directors. He claimed that this was the only way he knew how to be able to meet Courtney in person. I'll admit he sounded a little off...on the phone conversation. The phone convo was #cringe!

Nev, Cassidy, and Courtney decide to meet Issak in person. Issak tells them to meet him by a pond. Finally, we meet Issak...

Source: MTV

I'm scared... He's very happy and awkward to watch. He masterbates to feet for Christ's sake. After being asked why he pretended to be someone else online, Issak doesn't understand the severity of the situation. The whole time he's very fidgety and all smiles. He also says he has a portable massage table in the back of his car for on the go massages. I have to say that my hair stood up when he was on screen the entire time. Major creep factor. Also that fact that you couldn't really get a good read on the guy just didn't sit well with me.

Basically, Courtney politely asks him to not continue to contact her. He tells them he promises he won't make contact with her anymore, but she'll be missing out on a great, *Shudder* No, just, no.

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The Walking Dead: 512 "Remember" Review & Recap

Source: AMC

The episode continues where we left off in episode 511. Rick and the group enter Alexandria, getting their first look at the community. They walk around, see some of the members of the community giving them judgment stares. Overall, the community is very well kept and it appears there aren't too many people. 

While the group meets the gate keeper, a garbage can gets knocked over and every single person in Rick's group is quick to act in defense. Daryl shoots at the culprit; a possum. "We brought dinner," he jokes. Never come to a community without a gift, right?

Source: AMC

The group is told to hand over their weapons. Uh, yeah, like they haven't heard that before. *Cough*Cough* Terminus. *Cough**Cough* Rick doesn't want to give up their weapons at first, because they don't want to repeat history. Aaron allows them to keep their weapons, but wants Rick to meet with their leader, Deanna.

"Who the heck is Deanna?"

Source: AMC

Rick meets with Deanna Monroe, a former Ohio congresswoman that started Alexandria. She tells Rick that they need them because their people have never survived outside the walls, making Rick and his people an asset to the community. She films every member of Rick's group to get a feel for them, but while she does it she records them. She says she wants to keep a transparency for the community. It's kind of creepy if you ask me.

Source: AMC

Rick is very standoffish as the two share their stories. I think he's in denial about how good this place really is, or at least how it appears. She welcomes him and his people into her community with open arms.

Source: AMC

The group decides to all stay in one house, in the living room to stay together. The group gets their first night of safe sleeping, except for Rick. Even after getting a house, shower, fresh shave and hair cut, Rick still can't stop thinking this place is too good to be true.

Source: AMC

Everyone has showered gotten a pair of fresh clothes, except for Daryl, who refuses to get clean and adapt to their new environment. Out of everyone in the group, Daryl appears to be the most uncomfortable. 

Source: AMC

We meet a few members of the community too. Jessie, and a few teenagers of town. Jessie urges Rick to introduce Carl to her teenage son, so they can hang out. Carl mets the other three teenagers but finds it difficult to connect. He's actually doing normal teenage things such as reading comics, playing video games, but it doesn't sit well. 

Source: AMC

Carl follows after Enid, after spotting her climbing the fence. He pursues for a bit before losing track of her. I have no idea what she's up to, climbing over the fence but it's sketchy. 

Rick goes back to where he hid his gun, but when he opens up the blender his gun is missing? What the heck? Who took it? Did Aaron know Rick hid and went back to retrieve it, or did another group see him hid it? Did that girl stumble across it? There's so many speculations, but I'm sure we'll find out.

Source: AMC

They share a father/son bonding moment as they take at approaching walkers. Aww, how sweet.

Glen, Tara and Noah have been recruited by Aiden to do a supply run. Aiden explains that they lost four guys last time they did a run, because they didn't listen to Aiden's guidelines. Because of that, apparently Aiden likes to take revenge out on walkers, which I find to be strange. Tara encounters a close call with a walker and Glen saves her before she is bitten. Aiden is pissed that Glenn killed the walker he planned to torture. What the hell?

The group returns behind the safty of the walls and a fight breaks out between Glen and Aiden. Glen does not approve of Aiden's leadership. Aiden takes a swing at Glen and he dodges it with ease, and punches Aiden. Michonne, Rick, and Daryl break up the fight, and suprisingly enough Deanna sides with Rick. She thanks him for putting her son in his place and offers the job of constable to both Rick and Michonne.

Source: AMC

They accept their new job positions. Later, Carol and Daryl bring up their concerns for weakening while staying at Alexandria. Rick dismisses the idea of them weakening overtime. Rick says. 
"We won't get weak. That's not in us anymore. We'll make it work. If they can't make it... then we'll just take this place."

Does that not sound villainous to anyone else? 

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Reign: Frary or Mondé?

Source: TheCW/Reign

Currently in the Reign fandom, there is a huge debate on whom Mary should be paired with. Since the arrival of Louis Condé, Mary and Francis' relationship has faltered. Historically, Mary and Francis were betrothed at a young age and married when they were very young. The two were married for a year before Francis fell ill and died. Mary went on to re-marry another two times before her fate ended in her beheading. 

Here are some of the complaints of seen over social media:

Source: TheCW/Reign/Tumblr

With all the fans complaining that Mary and Francis should be in love, I can't help but to shake my head at their complaints. Not all marriages worked out back then, with the conflicts that have arisen during season 2 it makes sense for them to have drifted apart. 

Mary was raped, and blames Francis for it because he was away from court. The decisions he had made prior before Mary's assault led it to happen to her. In history, there were rumors that Mary had been raped. The only difference was that her alleged rape may have happened when she was in Scotland. In the show, the writers chose to have it happen at French court. 

Source: TheCW/Reign

Mary and Francis are very similar and stubborn. Both are devoted to their country and keeping them safe. I know a lot of people were angry when Mary finally became pregnant only to lose it in a miscarriage. In history Mary and Francis never had a child together. Mary was unable to get pregnant with Francis and it was also rumored that she had miscarriages. 

Sure Reign isn't completely accurate to history, but I don't have a problem with that. The writers take great liberties to keep the story interesting. It's interesting to see the relationships amongst the characters grow and develop.

I'll admit I never was much of a Frary shipper. Actually, to be honest back when Mary and Bash were engaged, I was more of a Mash fan. I know there are still others out there, that secretly wish Sebastian and Mary could be together, but that ain't happening. 

I've come to grown to like seeing Sebastian and Kenna together. Do I think their marriage will last? I'm not quite sure. Antoine has been adamant in pursuing Kenna for his own reasons. Do I think he's only after her because of lust? Yes. Do I think he wants her more than just to sleep with her. No. 

Source: TheCW/Reign

Back to Mary and Conde... It's pretty spit on whether or not Mary should be with Francis or Louis. Personally, I'm indifferent to it. In the last episode we were left with the idea that Elizabeth wants Louis for her king. In history we know Elizabeth never marries. I doubt the writers would take that large leap to make a drastic change. Louis has already confessed that he is in love with Mary. I think he admires her great strength as a queen. As for Mary's feelings towards Louis, I think she grown an attraction to him, but I wouldn't say she's in love with him yet. 

Source: TheCW/Reign

Louis was there for Mary more than Francis was due to the Protestant/Catholic dilemma. Mary confided in Louis when she had her miscarriage, she went with him to find and kill her rapist, and he's the only man she could touch after her assault.
Source: TheCW/Reign/Giphy

I also hate to break it to you, Frary shippers, but I have this strange feeling that Francis will bite the dust by the end of this season. The writers have already exceeded his lifespan in the show, but I think it'll end with him dying by the finale. Then Mary will most likely return to Scotland and the show will revolve around there. I guess we'll see though.

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Catfish: The TV Show Season 4 Premiere!

My favorite guilty pleasure TV show has returned!
Source: MTV

Catfish time...
Source: MTV

Nev returns in the fourth season of Catfish with guest co-host Charlagmagne! Max had schedule issues with filming Catfish and his new project he's directing. 

Source: MTV

know there's a lot of people who are always like, "What the heck is Catfish?" when I say I watch it. It's always really strange to try to explain to strangers that have never heard of the term before, but I've always been fascinated with the idea of Catfish. It's always compelling to see why people choose to fake their online presence. Almost every episode you watch you are left in suspense wondering whether or not the person is really who they say they are. 

More often than not the person is lying and is completely different from how they appear online. Some people have an addiction to making faux profiles and online social media. Others think it is a game and have no empathy for those they draw in, hook and sink.

But enough about that, let's discuss the episode!

Source: MTV

26 year old Miracle reached out to Nev when she thought she met the man of her dreams, Javonni Santos over Instagram. Apparently her man is an upcoming music producer in Atlanta, GA. Just like Nev said, that's always a red flag. Most of the time if the person claims they're a model/singer/actor they're more than likely FAKE! 

Javanni Santos
Source: MTV

Nev and Charlagmagne fly out to WI to visit Miracle at her home and to gather more information. Miracle talks about her life and why her name is Miracle. Apparently Miracle's mother did not realize she was pregnant with her until the day she was born. Miracle's mother was a crack addict and believed that she had a tumor for nine months. Her mother named her Miracle for obvious reasons. 

Source: MTV

After reading some of the messages between Miracle and Javonni, Nev and Charlagmagne head back to do some research. They search up his phone number and find his name, sex but no address.

They look up his photos to see if he pulled them from other sites, but find no matches. They go on PeopleSmart and search up his phone number. They find some guy called Rickie Witherspoon and find his twitter account and address. His photo is not the one that he has on his Instagram account. He lives in WI. They find some crappy sound cloud music and even a weird youtube video.

Source: Twitter

Because Charlagmagne has a large online following the post the picture that this Rickie dude is using. Charlagmagne asks his followers to help track down the real guy in the photo. In six minutes his followers are able to lead him in the right direction linking him to the real instagram account! 

Nev and Charlagmagne meet with Miracle to show their findings. They show her his address which is apparently right down her street. They show her the twitter account they found along with the video. They ask her if his voice sounds like the one she's talked to over the phone and she says it doesn't.

Source: MTV

They face time with the real guy in the photo to ask him and it's official this is not the guy that Miracle has been talking to.

Nev calls Rickie and asks to meet with him. He tries to act like he's busy on the phone and says he's willing to meet up and can't wait for this to be over. Sketchy. Nev knocks on the door and some big black dude walks out. He stays near his door and does not want to go any further from his home. Then out of nowhere he rushes back inside his home. 

Source: MTV

Nev and the rest of the crew enter his house. Nev presses Rickie on why he catfished Miracle but he stays mum on the topic and seems anxious. Miracle asks if he knows her from somewhere and Rickie continues to avoid talking. He rushes upstairs and Nev goes after him. While Nev and Rickie are upstairs, Charlagmagne and Miracle make an observation of a row of prescription drugs lined up. What the hell?

Then out of nowhere this girl steps out and admits that she was really Javanni! What the hell? 

"It was me!"
Source: MTV

This bitch made up a fake account and flirted with Miracle and developed feelings for her. She got her husband Rickie to provide the male voice over the phone to convince Miracle that she was a man. What the heck? How do you get your husband involved in all this, and the second question is why is your husband okay with this??

Source: Twitter

Apparently Kara, the real face behind Javanni has Lupus. That explains all the prescription drugs. Miracle is stunned and humiliated over the fact that she was played bad by this girl. The two girls argue and and bicker to one another.

Kara calls Miracle basic...

Source: Twitter

Kara explains the next day that the only reason that she did this was because of her illness. She says that she sits around the house most of the days and it's put a strain on her marriage with her husband. When she would text Miracle she admits she wrote all the things she wished she could hear.

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The Walking Dead 511: "The Distance" Review & Recap

"The Distance"
Source: AMC

The episode picks up right from where we left off. Aaron is brought back into the barn where the others are preparing for the day. Maggie and Sasha bring Aaron inside and brief Rick on where he came from. The group is already on high alert with this new comer, but they should be, especially with the people they've run paths with.

Aaron tells Sasha to reach into his backpack and hand over photos of their camp. Sasha hands them over to Rick and he flips through the photos. Aaron explains that he's been scouting them to see if they'd qualify for his community. He tells them that their community is completely secure and that nothing dead or living can get inside without their consent.

Rick marches up to Aaron as he continues to babble and punches him in the face. He ain't got time to listen to this bullshit. 

~End Teaser~

Rick is convinced that Aaron's people will be coming for him. They search Aaron's belongings while he's unconscious and find a flare gun on him. Aaron comes back to and forgives them for being knocked out. He understands that they're only being cautious of him. and are taking precautions. Rick demands Aaron to tell him how many people he has out there. 

Source: AMC

Aaron tells him that there's no point in telling if he has 1 or 100 people out there. Because at the end of the day Rick will not believe him. Everyone is wary as they consider how many people he really has out there. The group questions why he would want their group to join his. Aaron says that he is amazed that Rick's group hasn't turned on each other despite a lack of food and resources. He believes they would be a good asset to his "community."

Rick doesn't believe there really are any cars out there, even though Aaron tells them he can drive them to his community. Michonne wants to check this out, because she doesn't want to pass up the opportunity to find a place to live. Rick caves in and picks five members to go out and investigate.

Source: AMC

Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Abraham and Rosita go out to investigate Aaron's comrade.
They talk about why Aaron would want them in his group despite everything they've done to him. Michonne argues that although they've done a lot of bad things, they've also done a lot of good. They took in a priest for example and have saved plenty others.

Source: AMC

Back at the barn, Judith is hungry and Rick is trying to tend to her. Aaron is tied up to a post and sympathizes for Rick's daughter. He tells him to use some of the applesauce he has in his backpack. Rick gives in and opens the jar of applesauce but not before being suspicious. He gets a spoonful of applesauce and shoves it in his face to prove that the food isn't poisoned. Aaron argues on why he would poison his daughter if he's offering food in the first place.

Source: AMC

The group comes across an RV parked on the road. There's trees blocking the road. Aaron was telling the truth. The investigate inside and find that it's empty, but it's stocked with canned goods.

Source: AMC

The group returns with the cans of food they found in the RV. Rick tells Aaron that the food is their's now whether they go to the community or not. Aaron is fine with that since apparently there is plenty. Michonne tells Rick that they should still go to see if this is a real deal. Rick is hesitant but agrees on it as long as they do it his way. Aaron tells them to take route 23 as it'll get them to their final destination. Rick is suspicious an ambush will occur and decides to take route 16 instead.

Aaron tries to deter Rick on his idea of taking route 16 because it hasn't been cleared. Rick doesn't care because he wants to be the one to surprise the enemy if there is one. He decides they'll leave by sunset. The group is concerned when they hear they'll be driving there during night, since it's more dangerous at night. 

Aaron is very frightened of the fact that they're going to leave at night and not take the designated route. Rick says that if he tells them where is camp is then they'll leave right then. Aaron continues to keep mum on the details. 

Michonne asks him the three questions: 

Michonne: "How many walkers have you killed?" 
Aaron: "I don't know. A lot?" 
Michonne: "How many people have you killed?" 
Aaron: "Two." 
Michonne: "Why?"
Aaron: "Because they tried to kill me..."

Suddenly they run into a huge herd of walkers making their way down the road. Their car collides with walkers splashing against the windshield. They see a flare go off in the distance and Aaron becomes panicked. He flees the car and everyone if forced to abandon ship. The group realizes that the RV isn't behind them anymore and they become concerned their people have been taken. 

Source: AMC

Glen meets a close call from a walker but manages to elude its bite. He also ends up rescuing Aaron from a walker. Aaron tells him they can make it but only if they go together. Meanwhile Rick and Michonne are fighting off walkers when Aaron and Glenn come to the rescue. They end up heading back down the road and finding the rest of the group. Everyone is safe and we meet Aaron's boyfriend Eric! 

Aaron is happy to see his boyfriend is safe. He was worried about him when he saw the signal flare in the distance. They share a touching moment and as the audience we feel we can trust these two men. 

The next morning they continue their journey to Alexandria. Abraham drives and as they get closer they see DC coming into view. Abraham and Rosita exchange looks. They've finally made it! Abraham glances down at the fuel tank. It says it low. He mumbles. "We're going to make it."

Cut to next scene and they've run out of gas. Discouraged Abraham is hopeless that they'll ever make it to Alexandria. Glen checks the problem and discovers they need a new battery.

I loved the nod they did for Dale. The feels.
Source: AMC // tumblr

As they stop in front of the gates. Rick focuses ahead but as observes he can hear children's laughter on the other side of the fence. 

Source: AMC

Rick looks to his right and Michonne is smiling at him. She reaches out and touches his hand. They've finally found another sanctuary, and so far it appears to be legit.

Source: AMC

Source: AMC

So far I've found this to probably be one of the strongest episodes of season 5. Throughout their time in the apocalypse, the group has had it's misfortunes with trusting communities. (Woodbury, Terminus) They've also had bad run in with strangers. (The Marauders AKA Rapist men) I thought the character development for Aaron and Eric was very strong. There was more character development for this one character than there has been for other characters in the past.