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The Walking Dead: Episode 502 "Strangers" Review & Recap


Episode 2 picks up right where we left off in episode 1. The group is still making their way as far away as they can from Terminus.  Tyreese thinks Carol should not talk about what happened with Lizzie and Mika. But he does want everyone to accept Carol back into the group. Carol wants to tell the others but respects Tyreese's wishes to keep quiet. Tyreese doesn't want to think about it anymore. He wants to move on from the incident and forget it.

Carol and Rick get over their differences. Rick forgives Carol for what she did back at the prison. If Tyreese can forgive Carol so can he. Carol gives back Rick's watch that she snagged from Terminus. Rick does the same and offers Carol the watch she gave him to replace his. She doesn't want it. (Remember Carol's abusive husband gave her that watch)

"You said I could survive. You were right" - Carol to Rick

Daryl and Carol stay up and keep watch at night while the others sleep. Daryl wants to know what happened to the girls. Carol doesn't want to talk about it. A branch cracks nearby and Daryl gets up to investigate. He thinks it may have been nothing but secretly someone is watching them from the shadows of the forest. It isn't a walker...

End Teaser/Start Intro

The group tries to track down what they heard the night before. They are unable to find any tracks. Daryl comes back with some squirrels from them to eat. He thinks they're being watched. Abraham is set on waiting to get to Washington as soon as possible. Rick seems like he is down for that as he's tired of being in the woods.

As the group continues in search for a new camp Bob and Sasha play a game together. Their relationship is still fairly new and is growing. At this point I kind of felt this foreshadowed something. It's the writers telling us, hey here's this relationship play attention we're going to do something with it.

Suddenly the group hears someone calling for help. The group stays still unsure of helping the person. Carl wants to help them. Rick gives in and the group rushes off. On top of some sort of bolder is a priest. He's fending off walkers with his foot as they reach for him. The group takes down the four walkers saving the priest.

The stranger introduces himself. It's Father Gabriel!

Rick wants to know if he has any weapons on him. He doesn't. Rick pats him down and asks him the three questions.

•"How many walkers have you killed?

•"How many people have you killed?"


According to Gabriel he's never killed a walker, and never killed a person before. This is pretty shady especially since this is the zombie apocalypse. How has this guy survived so long without having to do these things? Gabriel tells Rick and his group that he has a church where he locked himself in for months. On their journey there Rick questions if Gabriel was watching them earlier. He says he hasn't and that he doesn't often wander from the church.

The group comes across the church. Rick insists on scouting out the area just to make sure this isn't a trap of any sort. Good idea in my opinion.  A few of Rick's group check out the place. It's fairly clean and normal looking. There are bibles laid out in one room where it looks like Gabriel wrote scriptures over and over again. 

"Thou shalt not kill"

There are cans of empty food lined up on the stage. It looks like Father Gabriel had plenty to eat for some time. This place doesn't look like a trap!

Before Rick and a few of the others leave to scout for food Rick gives Carl some advice.

"You are not safe no matter how many people are around. Never let your guard down. Ever."

Rick thinks Father Gabriel is hiding something. I've read the comics it's nothing as bad as Rick thinks. Then again they could change it in the show. We'll see.

Father Gabriel leads Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Bob to a food bank that's overrun. 

Meanwhile Daryl and Carol collect water and other supplies nearby. Daryl understands why Carol doesn't want to talk about what happened with Tyreese on the road. They stumble across an abandoned car. They plan to use it for backup if things go south at the church.

Will Carryl finally happen this season?? 

Rick and Father Gabriel get to the food bank. All the food is trapped in the flooded basement with walkers. There's a lot of food down there as well. Ugh! I didn't think this was worth the risk but Rick had a plan in mind. They were going to use the shelves with the food to block the walkers. One of the walkers making it's way towards the group upsets Gabriel. He obviously knows them. His sins are finally catching up to him.

Bob approaches some bubbling water and is suddenly dragged underneath by a walker. I was like, "Shit he's been bit..." He pops back up holding a decomposed walker at arm's length. It doesn't appear that he's been bit.  The group collects the canned food and heads back to the church.

Rick finds Carl examines something he found around the church. Carl finds scratch marks on some of the window panels of the church. He also finds someone carved the words. "You'll burn for this," on the side of the church.

A clue perhaps? We'll find out about Gabriel's past later. ;)

Later that night the group has a huge feast with the food they collected earlier that day. Abraham makes a toast to the survivors. He offers the idea of joining him and his people to go to Washington to cure the epidemic. Rick and the group are in. They want to head to Washington. Sasha goes to hold Judith for awhile but before she gets up to leave Bob wants one more, referring to a kiss. She kisses him and leaves. Bob watches her walk off looking a little sad. This made me nervous.

Tara confesses to Maggie that she was apart of the Governor's group. She tells her she didn't want that to be hidden. Maggie accepts her apology and hugs her. She's apart of their group now.

Rick still wants to know what Gabriel is hiding. He's determined to find out what it is. Rick threatens that whatever he is hiding affects his group in any way he will kill him.

Carol snuck off from the church and returns to the abandoned car on the side of the road. Someone approaches her in the dark. It's Daryl he wants to know why she's out here on her own. A car drives by and the two duck out of sight. That is until Daryl realizes it's the same car that kidnapped Beth! It has the cross on the back windshield. Carol and Daryl get into the car and go after the vehicle.

Meanwhile back at the church, Bob is outside alone he seems upset by something. He walks off into the woods and leans against a tree. He starts crying. I'm pretty sure Bob was bit at this point. Why else would he be crying? Then out of nowhere a figure knocks him out from behind! OH GOD.

Bob wakes up with a blurry vision. He sees unfamiliar faces of people surrounding a campfire. Who are these people. A voice calls out to him. "Waking up?" That voice sounds familiar. It's Gareth in Bob's face. "Good news is you're not dead yet. That's a relief, right?"

Bob looks around and notices everyone has knives. Gareth explains that they didn't want to hurt him before. They didn't want to pull him away from his group or scare him. Gareth is pissed that his people have to be out in the open just like everyone else. In order to survive we have to hunt.

"I just hope you understand that nothing happening to you now is personal. We would have done this to anybody. We will, but, no matter how much we hate this ugly business a man's gotta eat."

Bob looks down and notices his right leg is gone!


Gareth takes a bit of out a piece of meat. Yep, that's Bob's leg he's eating. In fact everyone around the campfire is eating Bob's leg.

"If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would."


It was a slower episode compared to last week which is fine, and I still liked it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 501 Premiere: "No Sanctuary" Review & Recap

"Hunt or be hunted." 

It's been a long summer, but I've kept myself busy with other shows. Mostly reality but now it's Fall and some of the best television programs return to TV, that includes The Walking Dead now in its fifth season!


"We should have never put up the signs. What the hell did we think was going to happen? We brought them here," one of the Terminus men say as they're locked away in a train cart. The same one that Rick and his group have been stashed away in.

"We were trying to do something good," Gareth says reassuring their mistake. Something went explicitly wrong with their good deed of accepting outsiders.

"What are we now, Gareth..?"

Fade to:

Rick and his group make a selection of weapons using clothing items, belt buckles, hoop earrings, chains, wooden shivs. They make a plan for their escape.

"Go for their eyes first, then for their throats," Rick instructs.

That's until tear gas is launched into their train car thwarting their plan of escape.

Rick and his men are led into a warehouse where someone is in the process of being dismembered. Gruesome. 

The first ten minutes of the teaser were absolutely terrifying. Gareth and his men have all of Rick's men lined and tied up as they prepare to kill them. There are some other guys there we aren't as familiar with lined up. Sam, being one of them (the guy who stole Rick's watch last season.) 

The Termites go down the line bashing the men's heads in with a bat along with slitting their throats, and draining their blood into the troff. It's like a slaughter house and the anticipation of getting killed grows closer as they get further down the line. Gareth comes in ignoring the bloodshed like it's a daily routine as he jots down notes in his journal.

Bob begs Gareth to listen as he pleads for their lives. Gareth doesn't want to hear any of it. Bob tells Gareth that they have a man who says he knows of a cure. 

Rick tells Gareth that he hid a bag full of guns that he plans on using to kill him with. Ballsy. Gareth is amused by this, and allows his men to go back to business until he hears explosions outside.

~Start Intro~

Carol and Tyreese are still out on their own. They come across a poster for Terminus and are getting closer now. A large walker herd is heading their way. They duck for cover to hide from the walkers, hoping they haven't spotted them. They hear gun fire, or so they think. The Walker herd diverts their direction towards the sound, saving Tyreese and Carol from dealing with them. Was someone attacking Terminus, or was Terminus attacking someone?

Meanwhile a man sets up fireworks as he talks to another person over a walkie. He's setting up explosions to draw the walkers away from Terminus. Carol and Tyreese overtake him when they hear him talking about their people. They interrogate him and the guy swears they only have The Kid and The Samurai.

Carol knows she has to save them from impending doom as Terminus doesn't sound like the sanctuary it claims to be. She leaves Tyreese and Judith with the tied up Termite to go save the rest of the group. She disguises herself in walker guts to infiltrate Terminus and to bypass the walkers. She sneaks up to the fence where Rick, Daryl, and Michonne had hidden their guns. It's there that she spots Rick, Daryl, Glen, and Bob being dragged off by the Termites.

Carol aims her gun towards the large propane tank inside of Terminus. The people of Terminus realize a large herd is heading their way. Carol uses some of the fireworks she stole from the guy in the woods, and aims it towards the propane tank. The tank blows up allowing the herd to flood into the sanctuary. Carol is able to sneak in being undetected by looking like a walker, and walking among the other undead.

Rick and the others manage to escape and kill some of the Termites. Meanwhile Maggie, Michonne, Abraham, Rosita, Carl, and Eugene wait in the train car. 

Outside Walkers have invaded Terminus and have killed a number of the termites. Carol searches for her people while taking out a few more termites along the way. Rick and the guys stumble across a room with human flesh and body parts on meat hooks. They know these are some fucked up people they're dealing with. Glen notices other people screaming from other train cars. He wants to help release them. They release some freaky tattooed dude who tells Rick that, "They're the same." Ominous foreshadowing perhaps?

Carol manages to stumble across a room where she finds Daryl's crossbow. She snags it and also grabs the watch that Sam had gotten away with. (Rick's watch)

Rick and Co stab, beat, and kill as many walkers as they can on the way out of Terminus as well as killing some other Termites.

Carol stumbles into the weird ritual room. Still really creepy... Mary just so happens to be there and tells Carol to drop her weapons. Carol over takes Mary and they fight. Obviously Carol is going to win this fight.

Mary tells Carol that the signs were real. It was a sanctuary but people came and took this place. They raped, killed and left.  Apparently Gareth and the termites overtook whoever had taken over and gotten their place back. 

"You're the butcher or you're the cattle." - Mary

Carol wants to know where her people are. Mary doesn't answer. Bitch, you answer Carol or you get a shot to the kneecap.

Tyreese can see the smoke from Terminus while he waits in the toolshed with the tied up Termite. That is until he uses Judith as a hostage! He tells Tyreese to go outside where a group of walkers have collected in front of the door. Tyreese obeys only to save Judith from getting her neck snapped. At this point it doens't look for good for Ty, but last season he took on a pretty big herd on his own with just a hammer.

Turns out Tyreese just mauled over the walkers and takes out the Termite holding Judith hostage. He punches him in the face over and over again. "I won't. I won't," he keeps repeating. Tyreese has never had to kill another living human. He's only killed walkers. He wants to cling onto the humanity he has left.

Rick gets the rest of the group from the train car and lets them out. Everyone makes their escape for the fence. They climb over it just before the walkers can get them. The group heads to the spot that Rick hid their back up weapons. Rick wants to kill the rest of the termites, everyone else is adamant.

Carol approaches the group and we have a lovely reunion of Carol and Daryl. Awwww!

Carol pretty much saved their asses. Rick forgives Carol and she's accepted back into the group. This was a really beautiful moment. Carol takes them back to where she left Tyreese and Judith. Rick and Carl are reunited with her. Sasha is reunited with her brother. The whole group is back together. Yay!

We also find out that Tyreese killed that dude. He did what he had to do and his character is developing. You gotta do some messed up things to survive in this world. The group heads as far away as they can from Terminus. But along the way Rick marks one of the signs to turn away other survivors from making the same mistake.

Then when we think it couldn't possibly get better.... Morgan appears! He stumbles across the marked sign that Rick had just fixed. Why is Morgan out in these parts? What's up with the marked trees? What is going to happen?

Stay tune for next Sunday!



Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#TheFlash: Pilot Review & Recap

The episode starts with a voice over of Barry. He talks about how he just never was fast enough as a kid. He got picked on and even beaten up at times for standing up for other kids. Barry confides in his mother over the fights he gets into. He tells her, "I just wasn't fast enough."

His mother tells him next time he'll win.

Barry has a good relationship with both his mother and his father but one night his mother is attacked by a unseen force. Barry and his father try to intervene but before he can even get close he finds himself blocks away from his house.

Barry's father is convicted of the crime of murdering his mother. Barry is convinced that is father is not the true murderer, but no one believes his story. Several years later Barry works as a forensic scientist helping the Central City police. Barry is still slow, clumsy, and awkward as a young adult. His colleague's find his method of solving crimes strange. The only person who sees potential in him is his "foster" father Detective West (Iris' father).

Barry and Iris head to Star labs to see the Particle Accelerator activated. On their way there, Barry tries to indirectly mention the idea of dating, but Iris completely friendzone's him, oblivious to the fact that Barry likes her. While they stand in the crowd waiting for the event, Iris is mugged. Barry goes after the assailant but is unable to stop him. Detective Eddie is able to stop the thief and return Iris' belongings.

Barry returns back to his lab unable to be there for the start of the Particle Accelerator. He watches the news as they cover the Particle Accelerator's function. A storm brews outside moments before the news says something is wrong with the accelerator. The power goes out across the city. Barry is struck by lighting!

9 months later he wakes up in S.T.A.R Labs. Just like Oliver (Arrow) Barry has his trusty lab sidekicks, Caitlin and Ciso. They do tests on Barry to see how fast he can really run as well as design him an awesome suit!

We have our Weather Wizard!

Mardon was also affected by the Particle Accelerator. He can manipulate the weather around him.


• Good Acting
• Good setup
•Steady Pacing
• Great Special Effects.

I throughly enjoyed the episode. I loved the easter eggs they left throughout the episode and I think Grant Gustin is a good fit for Barry Allen. I like that we're going to see a lot of other meta humans popping up in Central City. I also like the idea of cross over episodes between The Flash and Arrow.

This show is definitely more light and fun compared to Arrow. The difference between Barry and Oliver is that Barry enjoys what he does. Both are heroes but have different methods of helping the people of their city.

The show has a very comic like feel to it. But it should!

Oliver is a hero but also a vigilante.
Barry is more of a hero. (I also think Barry and Peter Parker are very similar in personality)

I love Arrow but it has more darker tones to it compared to The Flash.

• A few corny lines.


I can't wait to watch more!

Friday, October 3, 2014

I hate ear infections *Update!*

I have an ear infection in my right ear and it sucks right now.

Right now my right ear sounds like it's underwater. Beautiful. You know how annoying it is to have one ear hear perfectly while the other is muffled?! 

On top of that I have a perforated eardrum in that same ear so it makes it even worse.

Me, dealing with the hearing loss:

What I'm doing to help make it go away is by using ear candles, ear drops, and using a hot water bottle.

Yes this does look like an ear smoking a giant joint.

I've had a lot of problems with my ears in the past. I use to get ear infections frequently as a child. This is the first ear infection I have had in several years. I think it occurred from sinus congestion. Ugh.

Edit: 10/4/14

Went to an Urgent Care center to see if I could get my ear cleaned out and it was a success! They syringed my ear and washed it out and after ten minutes I could hear again! With my insurance plan it only cost $60 for walk in without an appointment.